Heal-Her 10 Day Challenge & Meditation x Day One

Welcome to Day One of Heal-HER 10 Day Challenge!

Heal-Her is a program designed for women ready to walk boldly in their assignments but have been hindered by past hurt. Sometimes it’s not the things we lack but rather the things we are full of that have us bound. Your problem may not be lack; it may be that you’re full of unforgiveness. Your issue may not be loneliness; it may be that you’re full of bitterness.

As I began to release my pain, God showed me how giving up bitterness gave my blessings access to my life.

I am so excited to start this journey and I hope you are too. Today our theme is “Admit It, then confess it!”  Sometimes when we go through a traumatic experience trying to forget or act like it never happen seems easier than accepting that it did and finding a way to move one. In today’s video, we are going to unpack, dig up and every hurt, and every pain that has laid dormant in our lives.

It’s time to FACE IT! 

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