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Ninekema Turenne: Your Finance​ Bestie – Teach Us How To Build Generational Wealth Through Home Ownership


I am here to educate, empower, and enrich you. I have been in the financial industry for almost a decade. My goal is to give you the keys and help you keep the keys. I am your FINANCE BESTIE! I am here to guide you step by step on the journey of homeownership, just like a best friend is there for you. I’ll be there anytime you need to make a financial decision. I am knowledgeable, transparent, and trustworthy. Now is the time to reclaim your financial freedom and build generational wealth through homeownership. You deserve the keys to freedom – contact me at 305-834-8863.

Nobody’s Listening By Tommie Brown


“Nobody’s Listening”

I was listening even when I wasn’t listening.
I sat in the back of the classroom; never paid attention;
nor did I listen.
I endured a multitude of bumps and bruises;
I didn’t listen.
My mother gave me a lot of Jewels;
but I didn’t listen.
I went to jail I missed a lot of thanksgivings;
I didn’t listen.
I was broken;
But my mother didn’t listen.
She chose a Man over me;
She didn’t listen.
I got tired of hurting;
God started talking;
and I started listening.
He exposed all of my enemies;
He told me they wouldn’t listen.
Just like Jesus in His hometown;
They didn’t listen.
Like his heart;
Mine never changed either;
I kept listening.
God gave me a pen;
I started writing;
But nobody listened.
I kept writing I never stopped;
Because people started listening.
I kept pouring out my heart;
And the smart ones kept listening.
Today; I have more than 500k listening. I’m grateful that I started listening.
I’m waiting on All people to listen.
The Lack of listening will hurt you in the end;
That’s why I desperately pour my heart out with my pen.
Let God in;
You’re guaranteed a win.
Separate yourselves from those who don’t like to listen;
We can’t force anyone to listen. Sometimes we have to love from afar;
Elevation will come when you’re apart.
It starts with listening;
Humble yourself;
God will break you down;
Nurture; and bring you back to health;
If you decide to listen.
If He tell you to say goodbye;
I advise you to listen.
That toxic history means nothing;
You better listen.
But I know;
Nobody’s listening!
To my smart ones who read and listen;
Keep hope alive;
Keep listening.
Listening will save your life.
Listening will bless you with your husband or wife.
Listening will rid your Heart of racism and evil.
Listening will have you loving all people. Listening will get you to The Promise Land.
Listening will transition you to be a Great Woman and Man.
Listening will bless your life with Humility.
Listening will have your mind open to many possibilities.
Why did I just write this;
Nobody’s listening!
I’m just showing God how hard I try;
Even though;
Nobody’s Listening….

By, Author Tommie Brown

A Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian’s Destruction

Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian

Dorian is a hurricane we’ll never forget. Hurricane Dorian ripped through the Bahamas leaving thousands of people homeless and hopeless. If you were following social media during the storm the photos of homes utterly destroyed and videos of people trapped in buildings crying for help made those of us who were tucked away in our warm beds feel, helpless.




As a Bahamian living abroad my heart bleeds for my people as they sat through, while others died in, a storm that has never been seen before. But, Bahimans are resilient. We are God-fearing people and we truly believe in the power of prayer. Bahamians and people all over the world joined in an prayed for stubborn Dorian to leave and it is my belief, that it was because of prayer the storm left before the meteorologists had suggested it would.

Although The Bahamas has lost much, I truly believe that we shall smile again. While skies may be sunny now there are many families that are displaced and distraught as they attempt to piece their lives together and locate loved ones. In times like these, it is important for those affected to know that there are people who truly care. There are many reputable organizations that have begun to raise money and collect items for the those affected and we teamed up with a collective body, Bahamas Relief, consisting of Miami Dade Parks and others to bring assistance to those in need. I would also like to personally thank our partners who decided to join us by sending cases of water to those affected.



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We may not all look the same, love the same or worship the same but one thing is certain we all know what pain feels like and we all know love and now more than ever, Bahamians need to know that they are all loved! 


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Elle Clarke, Editor of I AM QUEEN Magazine pictured with some of the water she and our partners donated for the Bahamas.


Anti-Bullying Campaign Set Social Media On Fire – It Has To Stop!


There are kids and adults alike who are hurting; afraid to go to school and work because they fear they’ll be attacked. As parents, as citizens of the world we have an obligation to speak up for those who can’t or are to afraid to speak up for themselves. Our lives are all connected, when one child is hurt, we all hurt. When one parent cries ,we all cry.

As a mother I believe that I have a obligation to use my platform to bring awareness to issues that affect our communities. Martin Luther King had a dream that we are living today.

Let us all be the change we want to see in the world. Join our movement, ‘It Has To Stop Bullying’, on social media using the hashtag #ItHasToStopBullying.


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