My Love Letter To Life: Sign Cancer Thriver

Without questioning, when going through a serious illness, you learn to know what faith truly is, along with finding the true meaning of beauty and how you really feel about yourself. I know this all too well, because I’ve experienced many trials and tribulations in my life. Through it all, I gained strength that I never knew I had, and much more confidence in myself, which lead me to loving myself all over again. I had a new beginning, all on my own.

After going through so much in my life, things were going pretty well, until it happened. I had a head-on collision with not only breast cancer, but colon cancer as well, and it changed my entire outlook on life. I thought I had it rough years before, but going through cancer was the rest of the iceberg. There’s nothing like it. You wonder, what in life had you done so wrong to have this placed upon you. You began asking, why me. Yet through my tragedies and all that I had to endure, it all became an awakening for me, in which I received and gain all the strength and encouragement I needed to conquer. Through it all, not only did I find the true meaning of life, I found the true meaning of beauty. Through all the chemo, radiation, the pain I endured, I still felt beautiful. I found myself looking in the mirror even more during this time, because I thought what I was dealing with would change me drastically, but as I viewed the imperfections I now have to live with, over time it got better, and instead of feeling sorry for myself, I embrace it all; I’m still among the living, who am I to complain.

Whether we’re dealing with an illness or any other negative feelings about ourselves, our lives and our bodies, we need to be our on cheering section. Through all my mishaps, I still feel beautiful and it’s real. I’ve come to realize that even going through such a dark time in my life, I still have a life to be lived, and I’m going to live it to the fullest. When I think about the individuals that are no longer among us due to such a horrific disease, I’m truly grateful, and I will no longer take my life for granted, it’s too precious. When I think of the “gift of life” that was given to me twice over, I knew I didn’t have a moment to waste. I would never say having or going through cancer is a gift, surviving it, receiving a second and third chance at life, is the gift. Yet, through it all, I didn’t allow the disease to take away who I am, or what I stand for. I’m a survivor, as well as an example to show that my small mishaps are just that, and I can go on and look and feel just as beautiful, inside and out, and it shines brighter.

Each new day that I’m allowed to open my eyes, the days are brighter, because I’m able to see and appreciate it that much more. I will say, the many times I have to view the scars, that are attached to the many areas of my body, it’s still a constant reminder I had cancer, and at times, it bothers me, I’m human, but within a moment or two, I would look past it, because those areas could be covered up. True beauty is within and when you feel beautiful on the inside, it shows so clearly on the outside. Just because I had cancer, doesn’t mean cancer had me. We as women should never allow anything, or any circumstance to steal our joy, nor our self-esteem. And I know with cancer, many times you will be too weak to even think about how you look, because you’re not always feeling your best, believe me, I know; but sometimes you have to try and fight past it, and keep living. Through any tragedy, we are and always will be beautiful and unique! Women, we all know that our bodies take lickings, yet keep on ticking.

When I look back now at it all, I must say, I thought right away that my cancer diagnose was truly a death sentence, because you’re not sure if you’re going to make it. I truly learned not to blink twice on life anymore, my eyes are wide open, to living life to the fullest. I also realized after surviving cancer twice, that I was about to face a new beginning, new hope, do and see more with a whole new prospective on life. I share my story with others hoping to make a positive impact on someone who’s ill or otherwise, where they can proceed life in a whole new way. I’m 63yrs of age now, and I’m cherishing each day, each moment, and through it all, I feel that I’m still at my best, confident, as well as grateful. I’m starting over, doing things I should have done before cancer.

One day, part of my many surgeries, during my breast cancer period, and I could remember it, as if it was yesterday, I experienced something so real, so peaceful, something of a miracle, that I had to write it down. I turned that experience into a poem and I called it “Peace”. I took that poem, along with many others I had written, and I placed them into book form, and I was blessed enough to have that book of poems published, writing had become therapy for me. I’m hoping that anyone who has the opportunity to read my poems, get out of them, what I placed in all of them. My poems are from the heart, as real as any could be. I later had another inspirational children book published, and my third book is finally published titled, “Cancer, Yet Cancer Again, but I will not Die, before I’m Dead”. I titled it that, because I truly feel that you shouldn’t stop living, because you have cancer, and that’s exactly what I almost did, when I heard the word cancer. I’m not saying I’m in the running for a best selling author, I’m far from that. I’m just a regular everyday woman, who have overcome many obstacles, which took me to writing. I would have never become a writer, producing inspirational stories, if I hadn’t gone through all that I did. I never anticipated becoming a writer, I just became one.

I’m a true example that you can survive cancer, not once, but twice, providing you get to it in time. I’m not saying all will be easy, I’m not saying all will survive it, what I am saying, is to have faith, fight with all you have, then hold on. I truly believe when and if you survive a horrific tragedy or a horrible disease such as cancer, it’s for a reason. You have a purpose, and through that purpose, faith, compassion, strength, and true beauty is born.

Written by: Karen Rice/x2 Cancer Thriver

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Life Is A Lot Like Pancakes: 4 Things I Learned From 4 Years Of Entrepreneurship


So I searched google from end to end to find the perfect fluffy pancake recipe. I found a few recipes and found one I liked. To tell you the backstory, I saw a few photos on Instagram of a wedding pancake and I was inspired to create one of my own. I followed the recipe and the first one came out flat and ugly. I ate it in a hurry because I didn’t want my children to see the mess I created; so no photos were taken. I used the griddle for the first batch, so I decided to use a small frying pan for the second batch which created the perfect round pancakes I wanted.

Now, although the circles were perfect some of the pancakes were slightly burnt and not as pretty as I’d hoped. I really tried hard to make these pancakes beautiful, but I came up short again! But isn’t that just like life? You give it your all and sometimes find yourself further back than you thought you would be. You follow the instructions given. You go to school, find a job, start a business, raise a family and although you follow the path given to you, life burns you. And it burns you with the very same things or people you were told would bless you and it begs you to question whether you followed the path for you.

Monday 15 July 2019 made four years since I became a full-time entrepreneur. It’s been four years of adventure, joy, and much disappointment. However, despite the roller coaster, I’ve been on these past 4 years I’ve gathered some priceless jewels along the way.

1. Put your trust in God. The Bible declares that the arms of flesh will fail you. I know this scripture to be true but where I found myself wanting is that after I trusted God for the answer, I didn’t think I needed to continue to trust God; so I ended up trusting the answer and the answer failed me. See, we are to ask God for his guidance in every situation. Although God gave you the answer, you need his continued guidance to lead you through to his intended blessing. Just because God said that man is your husband and he marries you, you still need Gods to help to navigate successfully through that relationship. Just because you have the blessing doesn’t mean you don’t need God. You need him even more to keep it.

2. Hush your mouth! Releasing information about your moves or dreams before it’s time can abort the mission. I did this so many times because of foolish excitement and validation. But, I learned that the enemy can’t destroy what he doesn’t know exists.

3. Forget the hustle and grind mentality. Exert all your energy into all things kingdom. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto thee. Everything you are working to get or build can be given to you if you switch your mindset from ‘me’ to ‘us’.

4. You are more powerful than you think. I am always amazed at the story of the Israelites and Egyptians. The Egyptians were afraid of the Israelites because the more they oppressed them the more they grew in strength and in numbers. Sometimes we underestimate ourselves because we have been conditioned to thinking more about our weaknesses than our strengths. I have learned that it is important to focus on our strengths because that’s the key to our success and wealth.

There were things along my journey that didn’t happen like I thought it would, like the first pancake I made that I wouldn’t share. But even though it didn’t always work out as I wanted, it always worked out for my good.



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Here’s The #1 Key To Accomplishing Your Goals


The key to accomplishing your goals is To Keep First Things First!

It’s hard to stay focus in a world where everything is moving faster than you are. Sometimes the pace of the world can make you feel like you aren’t accomplishing much. What has kept me focused on accomplishing my goals is to remember why they became goals in the first place. All of my goals can be traced back to me becoming a better person, being the wife my husband needs and the example my children require. When your goals are bigger than material possessions, there is an obligation to push past everything that tries to oppose you. Keep first things first-God, family, community and you’ll always accomplish your goals.

What tips can you share with us that keep you focussed on accomplishing your goals?


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I AM QUEEN Magazine Set To Host It’s 2nd Annual Brunch Under The Theme Forbidden Silence



Last year we hosted our very first Brunch, ‘Once Upon A Brunch’ at the Ritz Carlton Fort Lauderdale, Fl. It was simply amazing. We had women from The Bahamas, The United States, and Canada represented. Friendships were formed and business connections were made all while enjoying good food in a relaxing atmosphere.

This year our Brunch under the theme Forbidden Silence is designed to help women realize the power they possess when they speak their truth. The bible declares that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of our testimony which means that our stories possess the ability to save lives. Many times people are afraid to share their stories because of fear of rejection but sharing our stories liberate us from the expectations of others.

We would love to honor 15 mothers who have been working all year with little or no recognition. As mothers we serve and we do it with love but there are times when we need to be served. We want to pour back into you like you’ve poured into so many others. However, we can not do this alone. If you’d like to partner with us we are accepting monetary donations and gift bag items. If you would like to join us in the endeavor email us at

Forbidden Silence Brunch is scheduled for Dec 7th, 2019 at The Palms Hotel & Spa Miami Beach Florida. Tickets go on sale November 16th.

I AM QUEEN Magazine

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Woman Entrepreneur Spotlight w/ XoXo Kalani

Charmaine Nichelle C.E.O of XoXo Kalani


The number of women-owned businesses grew by 74% between 1997 and 2015–a rate that’s 1.5 times the national average, according to the recently published 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express Open. Women now own 30% of all businesses in the U.S., accounting for some 9.4 million firms.

Women are proving every day that we have the ability to do anything we set our minds to achieve. I got a chance to speak with a pioneering woman; Charmaine Nichelle C.E.O of XoXo Kalani to hear why she choose entrepreneurship.

1. Why do you think Black Women are the fasting growing group of entrepreneurs?

I personally became an entrepreneur in order to pursue my innovative desires. It is such a great blessing to have the ability to be a stay-at-home mom, but in my case, that just wasn’t enough. I have to stay busy. My mind is always working and I am constantly coming up with solutions to needs that I have as a stay-at-home mom and as a consumer. Perhaps many of the other women of color, entrepreneurs, are like me and simply want to get paid for their creative ideas and turn them into lucrative businesses. The ability to create your own schedule is also extremely appealing to women like me because we already have so much going on, so being able to run your business on your time, make money, and still run the show at home is for me a win-win.

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3 Generations 3 Branches 3 Commitments: Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veterans Day

Veterans Day is a time for us to pay our respects to those who have served and are currently serving our country’s military. For one day, we stand united in respect for our service members we celebrate and honor America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.

My commemorations go so much further than that. I am part of something that is bigger than me and unique. I am part of a family full of military members, not only that, I am part of a 3 generational legacy.

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