Oprah Encourages Women To Heal: Join Heal-HER 10 Day Challenge & Meditation

We attended Oprah Winfrey’s Wellness Tour in Florida and one of the things she taught us was the importance of self-care and mediation. There was even a segment allotted just for mediation and the peace the quiet brought was so refreshing.

Women of Power are women who are healed and whole. For this reason, we designed Heal-HER a program designed to remove every seed of bitterness in our hearts that are trying to stunt your growth.

Heal-Her is a program designed for women ready to walk boldly in their assignments but have been hindered by past hurt. Sometimes it’s not the things we lack but rather the things we are full of that have us bound. Your problem may not be lack; it may be that you’re full of unforgiveness. Your issue may not be loneliness; it may be that you’re full of bitterness. As I began to release my pain, God showed me how giving up bitterness gave my blessings access to my life. This is a ten-day challenge. We talk about Forgiveness, Faith, Dreams, Family, Purpose, Love, Power, Prayer, Process, Admittance- these are the topics we cover over the ten days.

This is also a full 10 week one on one program. If you are interested in continuing the program after the challenge email us. 


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