Our goal is to be the #1 resource for the woman of power. Our mission is to tell stories that matter.

I AM QUEEN Magazine was established October 2016 by Elle Clarke of Elle Clarke Media Group LLC and was designed to highlight the trials and successes of the 21st century Queen. I AM QUEEN Magazine is steadily making legendary strides in the industry highlighting women from all walks of life from the Caribbean to the United States of America and Canada and are dedicated to providing our readers with inspirational content.

Truth is being a Queen goes beyond the expensive things. To the contrary, a Queen is really a servant. Her very nature requires her to care for, build up and create environments that stimulate change in everyone who encounters her. She possesses both the breakers and builders anointing and has a good reputation among her peers.

I Am Queen Magazine is a movement, it’s a ministry geared toward helping women unlock the revelation behind their existence; which will help them to develop the vision they need to live an abundant life.

“We inspire women all over the world through Arts & Entertainment, all for the glory of God.”- Elle Clarke, Founder of I AM QUEEN Magazine