I AM QUEEN Hall of Fame was created to honor women who have demonstrated consistency in their life and business. These women are spiritual midwives and they have to ability to help push and birth the dreams of others. In a world where competition has destroyed the unity between divine connections, these women opt for collaboration. Loyalty is rare and when it’s found it should be honored.

Dr. Moneshia Dashiell is the first African American Woman to be inducted into our Hall of Fame; October 2020.

Dr. Moneshia Dashiell is an Author, Child Development Specialist, Clinical Therapist, and Life Coach. She has been featured in many magazines and has received numerous awards for her contribution to education. Her motto, “I am too busy mothering nations through education!”


As an educator, my students have inspired me to continue writing books. To have the opportunity to watch them go from struggling to advancing in their academics because of my books is a great encouragement. It feels great to be the very first Hall of Famer for I AM QUEEN MAGAZINE and to know that I have made history once again–amazing! Your dreams are attainable and you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you.