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Author Vanessa Johnson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Vanessa Johnson.

Vanessa thank you for sharing your story with us. Now, you are a life of victory strategist, author, and coach; and at 50 you look amazing. What is the secret? 

I learned how to channel my stress. I used to internalize it. But now I’m learning how to take that stress and bring some positive things out of it. So, I learned how to just dig and find the positive things and keep moving.

You have a lot of life experiences that we could talk about today. But I want to talk about Vanessa at seven years old, how did the sexual molestation that you experience affect your outlook on life? 

Believe it or not, I didn’t realize what happened to me until I was a young adult. I would have dreams but I couldn’t pinpoint really what was going on until I got married. During my first marriage when my husband and I would become intimate I started having issues about certain things and I couldn’t understand why. And in my prayer time, the Spirit of God began to reveal to me that I had suppressed things that happened to me way back then. Me being the bold person that I am, I asked God to reveal to me what happened to me for it to be affecting my marriage? 

When God revealed it, it was like He replayed a video because it was so vivid. I could remember, back in the ’70s when my parents went to work I would stay at home but always played with the next-door neighbor. My parents thought I was safe but I wasn’t. My neighbor’s older brother would come and pick me up and take me on the roof of our apartment building, where he would molest me.

I can remember his face so vividly. I can also remember his Afro. As God revealed this, I asked Him, how do I deal with this? Why me? God quickly reminded me it wasn’t anything that I did. It was a decision that this other person made to violate me. 

My therapy was the word of God, my therapy was God Himself. My therapy was laying before the Spirit of the living God for Him to search me and to heal me from those inner childhood traumas that happened. 

Did the trauma you experienced as a child affect your marriage? 

Yes, it did but it was not the reason why we got a divorce. He was there for me. He helped me through it all. 

Tell us more about your books.

I’ve written several co-authored books. My main book is called The Fight Is Fixed: The Battles That Have Been Won. The Fight Is Fixed™ is my major brand and God has given that to me. God has allowed me to see that from the trauma that I experienced as a child going through domestic violence going through the divorce; that it does not matter what you’ve already been through, what you’re going through, and what you will go through, your fight is already fixed. 

In this book, I begin to share my life as a teenager going through domestic violence. I remember being five months pregnant, and I came home from school with the plan to commit suicide to take me and my child out of here. I sat under a five-story window because we lived five floors up, and I contemplated suicide. My mother didn’t know. My sister didn’t know. No one knew just me and my child. And I sat there. As I was getting ready to write a note everyone, I heard the Spirit of the Living God speak to me and said, “Vanessa, you have someone on the inside of you to live for. Rise up!” and we are both here today to tell the story.

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