Entrepreneur Spotlight w/ Lynn Abies

Lynn Abies Millennial Coach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lynn Abies. 

Thank you for sharing your story with us. You are a business mentor for millennials. Tell us a little bit more about that.

So my journey with that started about five years ago. I have an organization called Crown Me Wealthy, it came from the dark places in my life.After going through my silent battles of rape, continuous heartbreak from jobs, family, and friends, always hearing “no, you’re not good enough”, severe mental breakdowns, having little to no income, and lack of self worth and love, I decided to stop wearing my mask of  what I felt to be full of embarrassment, pity, and failure and instead use my experience and expertise to help millennial women worldwide just like me to be better than me by teaching them how to properly heal, manifest, transform, invest their money & look great doing it!

Oh, that’s amazing. Now, your business is called Crown Me Wealthy and I love that name. How did you come up with that name?

You know, it’s so funny. I know this probably sounds crazy, but I had a dream. So to backtrack, I had a conversation with one of my close friends about wealth in general. A lot of people have this mindset that wealth is just financial gain. There’s a lot of rich people, celebrities, people with money who passed away from committing suicide and a lot of it has to do with them not being happy within themselves. But if you can transform your mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the wealth that you receive. So, I had a dream about a woman giving me a crown telling me that I will forever be wealthy and BOOM!  Crown Me Wealthy was born.

Wow! Now I know that you mentioned that you have overcome rape, how were you able to get through that?

Honestly, therapy was a very big part of my transformation journey. And I always encourage people no matter what they’ve experienced to seek some type of therapy. It was very therapeutic for me in ways that I can’t even explain. I had a great therapist. She made me feel comfortable, she wasn’t judgmental at all. Realizing that, yes, this happened to me and yes, it’s very messed up, but I didn’t want to be a victim of that any longer. Without therapy, I probably wouldn’t even be where I am today.

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