Entrepreneur Spotlight w/ Oprah Jones

Oprah Jones CEO of Polished Beauty Parlor

Today we introduce you to Oprah Jones.

Thank you Oprah, for sharing your success story with us. Now, the beauty salon has been like therapy to women for many years. How important is good customer service to you? I ask this because women go to the salon to be pampered and heard.

Listen! I absolutely adore our clients! I treat them how I always want to be treated when I walk into a service business! I really stress to my team how important customer service is at ALL TIMES! I emphasized that because we as professionals are human! We have personal lives, we have good and bad days as well but in our field, we are held to a certain standard and we have to smile through Our personal challenges, PMS, hunger, Heartbreaks, restlessness, long nights from school studies or whatever challenges beauty professional women faces We CANT wear our feelings! We are an impression and a brand first! We should always try our best to leave a great one! So Customer Service is a huge percentage of our service and is extremely important.

Polished Beauty Parlor has been able to sustain its celebrity clientele, why do you think that is?

Well, the work speaks volumes! That is the only thing that will draw attention and demand requests FIRST before anything!

Do all of your clients receive celebrity treatment?

YESSSS! We have extended hours, I’ve even traveled and made myself available on site for clients who can’t make it in on OCCASION! My very loyal VIP’s I’ve offered to go to hospitals for maintenance because at the the end of the day, being hospitalized, or extended illness is tough and I still want to extend that confidence boost in those cases when I can. Aside from that special extended treatment, we truly pamper our clients!

That’s amazing! Oprah, you have also launched a youth mentoring program. Tell us how did that come about and what is the vision for this mission?

Actually the full development is in the making! I have a very soft spot for our young queens. The world we live in is not the same as when I grew up diving into the beauty industry! Ultimately I want to keep teens & preteens motivated and most of all focused on the goal and following through with their plans in the beauty industry!

Especially those who don’t intend to go to college! In all honesty it’s not for everyone… it wasn’t for me! It may sound bad but I think it’s ok because there are many industries that make the world go around outside of ‘Corporate America’, the medical field, etc. There is room for success outside of those areas. Helping our youth with resources, lessons and training and internships is the mission for the up and coming Polished Beauty Youth Prep Program. We have started internships and public speaking but there’s much more to come!

I just have to ask, have you ever received favors or special treatment because of your name- Oprah?

Good question! Lol. Most people don’t believe that’s my government name! Funny thing is, when I was about 12 I actually wrote to Oprah Winfrey to share with her team that I’m named after her. Needless to say I didn’t end up on the show, LOL. But to answer that, it has really become an icebreaker in a lot of instances. I may have gotten an extra credit from a billing agent for a complaint but that’s really the highlight! LOL

Do you have any special service offers for teens or the everyday woman at Polished Beauty Parlor?

Yes! We are offering prom raffles, complete service packages as well as a special coupon for anyone interested in a service! Text NAILS to 484848! 

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