Woman of God, mother, author, poet and speech-language pathologist (SLP) are just a few of Raquel King’s titles. She was recently crowned Ms.FloridaPlusAmerica in the  Miss Plus America Pageant which empowers women to create space for their passions. Raquel’s faith has caused her to be an encourager and beacon of light. She authored “The Loss Of My  Wedding Ring” which provides encouragement and strategies for the divorced to feel free and loved. 

Raquel attained her Master of Science in Communication  Sciences and Disorders with a minor in Family Youth and Community Sciences from the University of Florida and Nova Southeastern University. She is the owner of “Soaring With Butter flies Therapy LLC.” Over the last 10 years, she has had the  pleasure of working with thousands of children in a variety of  settings to ensure their ability to communicate effectively in  and outside of the school system. She has a passion for children living with Autism and she is on a journey to empower  and equip parents in order to implement communication strategies with their children.  

As Ms.FloridaPlusAmerica, Raquel’s platform is mental  health awareness. She uses the platform to assist people in  persevering through life’s challenges. Her emphasis is on creating spaces for people to express themselves, and create positive changes so that a mental breakdown is never an option. 

When she is not working as an SLP or writing, you may find Raquel leaving a legacy of encouragement as well as creating a safe space for those around her. Raquel believes that everyone has a gift on the inside, and it is her job to make it come alive. 

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