Clarissa Young

Mrs Sunshine State Plus America 2022

CEO- Finding Acceptable Balance Coaching LLC 

Clarissa is the epitome of “when life gives you lemons make lemonade.” At once tipping the scale at 515 pounds she found herself with limited mobility and felt imprisoned in her own body. She suffered greatly from anxiety, depression, and was threatened to be a double amputee by the age of 50 years old by her doctor. 

It was Clarissa’s love for God and desire to be a better mother and spouse that sparked a fight on the inside of her that would change her life for the better. Not only has Clarissa’s life been drastically changed (no longer threatened to be a double amputee,  off high blood pressure medications, down over 300 pounds) but she has started F.A.B. Coaching. FAB is her platform that allows her to help thousands of women not just in Florida, but world wide. She provides them with low impact fitness classes, spiritual development classes, weight loss class, a sisterhood of support, tools/resources including but not limited to her self published books, and more. 

Clarissa’s aspiration is to spread faith and love throughout this world. To let others know that life can sometimes take rough turns, but trust in God and know that all things work for our good in the end.

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