IAQ April Covers (2)

“You must’ve had a perfect upbringing because you radiate in such a pure and positive way,” a reporter commented as she interviewed Phoenix about her life. “The exact opposite,” implied Phoenix.

Phoenix Jackson does indeed have that thing about her. Not only does her smile, energy and charisma light up a room but she manages to make everyone feel special and cared for in that quick moment that you are in front of her. You walk away thinking that there is definitely something about her that feels right. Well, at the current age of 32 not only has she paved the way as a pioneer to those around her but she has chartered her own course in conjunction with her own beliefs, focus and way of life. Going beyond the surface of poise, smiles, and regality you get someone who is deeply passionate about the growth and forward movement of humankind. Her first book The Spirit of Business is a succinct expression of this passion. In 100 pages she manages to lead you down a path of self-realization and aids in helping you create a sense of self awareness about who you are, what you plan to do and why you plan to do it. Read more here…

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