Your Prayer Closet Is NOT the Secret Place!

The secret place isn’t a place, it’s a realm. Your closet is the place you meet God but it’s not to be mistaken for the secret place. Everyone can hear you praying in your “secret place”. Everyone knows its location so that means that the secret place isn’t a physical space but a spiritual one. The secret place is the holy of holies. The place where God dwells and the enemy can’t find you there.

How do you know if you have entered into the secret place?

1. Your body responds to his presence. You would bow, tremble, cry or feel a strong presence in the room that you can not explain.

2. Your praying stops and instead you listen.

3. This is the place instructions are given. (Tip: It would be a good idea to keep writing utensils near during your prayer time.)

Trade secrets are given in secure environments and so are the secrets of God. In order to receive them, you must allow your spirit to ascend to the Holy of Holies and this happens not based on the amount of time you spend in prayer but on the position of your heart and what you say while praying. Effective prayer is praying God’s word/will back to him or praying in your heavenly language.

The enemy is unable to locate you in the Holy of Holies but he wants to know your secrets regardless. The devil will use the spirit of seduction like he did with Sampson to lure you into a false sense security to make you comfortable enough to release your secrets. Sarah Jakes said that we need to pray before we post and most times we have prayed that’s why we posted. But, we forget to ask God if it was okay to release the word when it was given. The enemy tricks us with this causing us to believe that we must release the word when in many cases we prematurely share trade secrets which sabotage our blessings.

The secret place is not a place but a realm that effective prayer elevates you. Prayer establishes heaven on earth and effective prayer requires a strategy.

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