Kadian Thomas CEO of The LuXuri Box Collection Grace the Cover of I AM QUEEN Magazine Bahamas Issue

Kadian Thomas, Cover Queen of I AM QUEEN Magazine Bahamas January 2022 Issue

Es un placer ser destacado a lo largo de una prestigiosa revista de este tipo. 

Born to yesteryears’ parents who never knew what it was to accomplish a high school diploma or higher-level certification from any educational institution. Yet, I intended to never dream of ONLY a high school education. My pursuit was to acquire more than the standard offer, then deliver a more elevated academic lifestyle as an educator practitioner across my country. For the simple fact of helping individuals overcome barriers to become more successful. I became inspired by people and how they learned. Throughout the voyage, I evolved into a lover of continuous learning, international Business, and Languages, holding multiple degrees, an M.Ed., along with degrees in Education and Human Services, classifying as a human service professional. I was captivated by education and how individuals process everything to live better and survive.

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