LaShay Anderson is the Serial CEO of Shay Andy Management (SAM) which mothers four brands: Your Best You, LLC, Your Best Cleaning Solution, LLC, Kandeeland Academy, and No Mercy Event Planning, LLC. All compliments her personality, talent, knowledge, and expertise. In association with her background and command, LaShay is a Certified Career Coach, supporting, helping, and guiding clients to reach their career goals. She has a knack for motivating others and always making people feel as if they can achieve ANYTHING. LaShay serves her community and the city of Philadelphia well.

Growing up in Bristol, PA being the oldest of five children, LaShay inherited great leadership, nurturing, and work-a-holic skills. Being mature beyond her age, she was responsible for taking care of both her younger siblings and other people’s children. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, LaShay plays her role well by showering them with love, nourishment, guidance, and stability. She dotes on knowing that she is paving the way for two more of the world’s future BOSS Women.

LaShay has several business goals that she wants to reach in the next five years. With a mission that has already set her foundation as an entrepreneur, her career is positioned with purpose and direction. With this said, LaShay is best at what she does and is not stopping anytime soon.

Patrice: What defines yourself as a Queen?

LaShay: I am a Queen because I was birthed from greatness!  I am confident, motivated and beautiful inside and out.  I walk with my head held high and demand my respect in all environments.  I strive to serve my community with the best intentions and in any way possible.

Patrice: What is the name of your business(es) and how did you get started?

LaShay: KandeeLand Academy and Your Best You

I began ‘Your Best You Career Coaching and Consulting’ because I have an extensive background in Human Resources Management and wanted to help others with landing their perfect career role!  I was laid off from my job in Corporate America and decided that it was time to put my skills into building my own brand!

I founded ‘KandeeLand Academy’, a STEM based learning center because I felt there was a lack of quality childcare in my local area.  I wanted to be able to provide parents like myself with quality, top-notch education for their little ones.

Patrice: When did you know you wanted to be a successful woman in business?

LaShay: I knew that I was called to be a successful woman in business when I could never remain employed with one employer for more than a few years without becoming bored and feeling unimportant.  I knew that I was destined for more and that I wouldn’t find that “more” by working for someone else.  I needed to CREATE my “more”!

Patrice: Have you faced any challenges as a business owner? If so, what solution (s) did you come up with?

LaShay: I have faced several challenges as a business owner.  One of my most important challenges was trying to do everything on my own.  I didn’t feel comfortable asking for help from anyone so I would become overwhelmed and burned out which lead to severe anxiety and mild depression.  When I recognized that it was ok to ask for and accept help, I began to build a team to assist me where I needed it.

Patrice: How important is helping other women in business who may be struggling?

LaShay: My goal in life to assist others in becoming their best selves!  That definitely includes other business women!  It is very important for us all to have a strong support system and people that we can rely on and trust.  I want to be that resource for as many of my fellow women entrepreneurs as possible!

Patrice: What makes your business unique?

LaShay: My businesses are unique because I strive to help others become their best selves.  I consider those that work for me to be a part of my team, not, employees that are just a number.  All of my team members are also entrepreneurs so they understand the importance of hard work and not only setting goals but reaching them!

Patrice: There have been times where women didn’t get the proper recognition in the world whether it would be on Television, Speakers or even Authors. Do you feel that has changed over the years in a powerful way?

LaShay: I do feel that this has changed in a major way, especially for Black women!  I think we have a long way to go, but, we now have women like Ava Duvernay, Issa Rae, Kamala Harris and even Marsai Martin that are showing us that Black Women rock and we can be anything that we want to be!

Patrice: What or who motivates you to keep going in life?

LaShay: My children are my motivation!  Every move and decision that I make is so that they will have a bright future and a solid foundation to be built upon to become all that they desire to be!  I will not slow down until I feel that at the very LEAST my great-grandchildren will be financially stable.

Patrice: Do you have a favorite quote or saying?

LaShay: “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Also Required”-Luke 12:48

Patrice: What is next for you in your business journey? Do you have any new projects that you are working on?

LaShay: I own 5 businesses and currently I am focusing on ensuring that they all remain lucrative and are managed successfully.  I am ensuring that each entity is able to bring in multiple streams of income!  I do not plan to add anything additional to my plate before 2022.

Patrice: How do you balance your career, personal life and work life all at the same time? Any special advice for other women entrepreneurs who are struggling?

LaShay: I am able to balance all of these things because I have built a strong team to assist with managing my businesses!  Without them, I would not be where I am as an entrepreneur.  My advice to struggling women entrepreneurs is to build a solid team and understand that you cannot do everything on your own, nor do you have to.  Ensure that your team members are strong where you are weak and ensure that they understand and SHARE your vision!  Also, understand that self-care is REAL and a necessity.  Take some time for yourself and PLEASE know that it’s ok to get some rest.

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