What Advice Would You Give To Your Younger Self ? 30 + Great Answers

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There is so much I would tell the younger me. I would want her to know that she is beautiful and that she should always believe in herself –no matter what! I would tell her to keep God first because she will have to walk through some challenging times. As I think back, I’m getting teary-eyed because what I want to say to her today is the encouragement I prayed for.

I took this question to Facebook and the responses were amazing. Here’s what our friends said:

Star Santoi You’re on your way to bills–be responsible.

Annika G Major Go to university. Graduate at 21, start a business. Anything. YouTube, makeup anything just start a business.

Michele Liberis-McNabb Be forever fearless.

Whitney Ashanti Go for it, even if it scares you.
Yvonne Williams Start a business!
Gabriel N. Nketiah Invest in gold. Avoid light skin girls.
Winnie Oliver The stars are not the limit you can go beyond them. The battle is not for the swift but for those who can endure it to the end. Further your education (school is not for everyone). Become your own boss so that you can take care of yourself and never depend on a man!
Zenovia Pinder Fire your boss and don’t look back!
Charise Brunner Be high value!
Lee Lee Live and work towards YOUR OWN GOALS and NOT the ones your parents prefer!
Jacinta Miller Storr I won’t change anything. I had a good and blessed life. I really won’t change anything; the ride was good. God ordains everything that happens in my life.
KingRoman Clarke Stop worrying so much and continue to enjoy life!! Cherish family and friends more because some won’t be there in years to come.
Toya Mc Don’t be so afraid of failing that you don’t even try, you can accomplish so much if you just believe in yourself.
Shrisma Kimbrough Follow GOD and keep him first! 
Solana M Lightbourn Yes, that is God speaking, follow His voice and His only.
Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have already made, ask God for forgiveness and keep yourself pure. Pay attention to every word people say and even more so to the words they don’t. Save 20% of every paycheck, never miss an opportunity to sow into good ground. Start your own business with your 20%, invest and watch it grow.
DO NOT compromise. If you know it’s right or it’s wrong, hold firm to it. Trust yourself.
Spend every moment you can and make memories with your dad. God does indeed have something bigger in store when He says no, ask Him for the strength to move past it as quickly as you can, He won’t always tell you why it was a no, but I assure you, He can be trusted with every single thing you are about to face. Live life fully.
Sade McDougald Get saved, get healed and go harder!
Robin Wiggins GO TO SCHOOL!!!!
Erica Meus-Saunders Everything is going to be fine. Continue to be you, and trust in the process.
Earnestine Hepburn Follow your dreams!
Vanessa Arthur I would not change a thing..my experiences made me who I am today but I would tell me not to try so hard, to be myself. I am enough and that heartache and pain do fade. It gets better!
Zerline Lockhart Don’t give up!
Cl Gibson Avoid paying rent for as long as you can. Avoid loans and credit cards. Save up as much money as you can… Read personal development books. (Rich Dad, The Richest Man, John Maxwell etc). Get your education to build your business. Create something that will continue to pay your kids after you’re gone…Lastly put yourself first, plenty of time for relationships later!
Catina Ferguson Life is filled with ups and downs. There are going to be people who love you and those who will betray you. This has nothing to do with you but everything to do with them. Even when you fall keep going and never give up because there is beauty on the other side of the struggle. God loves you and his plans for you are much greater than those you have for yourself. Be kind to everyone because the same people you see on your way up, you may see again on your way back down. Stay focused, save 10% and give 20% for the work of the Kingdom, your reaping days will come. Finish college because even though your degree may not be your calling, knowledge is something no one can take from you. Travel the world, it’s so much larger and more diverse than your little country is. Anything you can conceive you can achieve. Walk fearlessly and with boldness…Be honest, integral, submissive and repentant. Make happiness a lifestyle YOU GOT THIS!!!
Vernelle Pritchard- Swain You are enough!
Clarissa Thurston Take fewer trips and save for a house and don’t get any loans!
Shavonne De Veaux No sex until marriage. The end.
Kell D. Bowleg Plan, prioritize and save.
Jessica Moss Take life more serious …get out of that toxic relationship!
Krystle Turnquest Stop procrastinating!
Devia Wilson Man plans but God has a bigger and better plan.
Tiana Miller Stay focus and walk-in purpose with God’s help. Life has lessons and only what is learned can help you grow so never give up- keep pushing.
Marquieta Cavett It’s okay to keep waiting. But God never makes a mistake!!!
Kenya Culmer Save, plan and execute your goals!
Kemuel Knowles Keep doing what you are doing boy. The Lord is going to do what he needs to do and won’t need your help.
Ellie Colour Don’t cry so hard, in a few years it will all make sense. What makes you cry now will soon make you laugh. Your heart’s not broken it’s just getting bigger and stronger. Growing pains hit hard but your gains will hit harder! So smile Queen❤️❤️❤️

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