Jazz In The Gardens 2019 Recap w/ I AM QUEEN Magazine


Jazz In the Gardens 2019 was nothing short of amazing, but I didn’t expect it to be anything less. Every year the City of Miami Gardens gathers the most legendary artists to perform during this weekend and we want to share some of our highlights with you!

The event was hosted by Ricky Smiley- do I need to say more?!  EPIC!

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Is Pride Hindering Your Success?


Is pride the wall standing between your now and your next?

Many people are waiting in line for the blessings God has promised them. Many have been in line a long time and are frustrated, not understanding that they’re failure to release the spirit of pride is keeping them from possessing the promise.

Here are three things to consider:

#1 God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.

Your failure to obey God is prolonging your elevation.

#2 True humility isn’t shrinking yourself – true humility is submitting yourself to the King of Kings.

Your failure to live in your authentic life so that others won’t feel slighted is FALSE humility.

#3 Your blessing is closer than you think!

Once you break down the walls of pride you will create the entrance to your next level. Your blessing is literally one decision away.

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