Highly Recommended Medical Teaching Center Prepares Students for Changes in the Health

Abundant Life School of Nursing & Step Medical Teaching Learning Inc., are constantly evolving efforts to ensure the quality of academia being offered to pupil. The institutions provide a nurturing environment for students pursuing multiple avenues in the healthcare field. During the perilous times that we are in, more than ever is there a need for the competent health care leaders. Abundant Life School of … Continue reading Highly Recommended Medical Teaching Center Prepares Students for Changes in the Health

Healing for Rape: A 9-Step Recovery Plan


Rape, the very sound of the word makes people feel uncomfortable. It’s the elephant in the room in many families, and somehow it’s always perceived as the victim’s fault. I’ve always believed that it’s the silence of the victims that have given predators and society the authority to treat rape victims the way they do. Silence is great for most things but NOT in cases of abuse; there should be an outcry. The identity of rape victims are concealed, and I can understand that, because no one wants anyone to know that they were raped no matter the circumstance, so we hide behind the alias while our assailants profess their innocence boldly. While the legal system intended to protect us by concealing us, it has also alienated us and given the advantage to the enemy. Remaining nameless and faceless has harmed us.

My grandmother asked me, why did I put my face on my first book, How I Escaped The Prison of Rape: The Journey To Total Freedom. This book tells the story of how I was molested as a child and raped as an adult. Her concern was that people would come back and point fingers at me, and I told her that it was necessary for me to put a face to the story. Putting my face to the shame the enemy once threatened to expose; was my way of telling hell, I won’t be bullied. The things you continue to hide you cannot be healed from.

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Bullying Has To Stop! Maishayn Wilson Tells Us Why

Even as a millennial, I too was bullied especially while in elementary, junior high and a small part of my high school careers. There were times I dreaded going to school. Children (people in general) can be mean or jealous. I remember trying to be so kind/nice to my bullies. Sometimes it worked. Others times it didn’t. I kept being myself. My parents prayed a … Continue reading Bullying Has To Stop! Maishayn Wilson Tells Us Why

The Mighty Bamboo w/ Beautifully Bamboo

Beautifully Bamboo has curated a collection of products showcasing their hero ingredient, bamboo. Seeing a need in the market place for this powerhouse ingredient, CEO Nadege Lewis, launched Beautifully Bamboo so consumers can have access to the beauty mineral, silica. Beautifully Bamboo has harnessed the power of silica and made it available in various forms. Products Available in the Beautifully Bamboo Line Include: Organically Grown … Continue reading The Mighty Bamboo w/ Beautifully Bamboo