Your past has the unique and singular ability to shape your future. Often the events of our past can make life so unbearable we don’t want to live it anymore. Yet other times, our past can forge a path to a much better and brighter future. As I have looked back over my past, I see it covered with things a young girl should not have been exposed to.

As a child, I was molested, abused, used, and forced to endure unimaginable things. As I was experiencing these actions, I called on the Lord for strength and help. Often it felt as if my cries were falling on deaf ears. Many times those that I was depending on to protect me, left me to fend for myself. In many cases, those trusted adults became the very forces of evil intention that attempted to take more of my dignity and self-worth.

Through it all, I learned to lean on the Lord. During times of rape and unwanted intimacy, he sustained me. During periods of lack and lost love, the Lord was my constant companion. I learned to seek him out as I was sought out to be taken advantage of. This may sound like a hard-tale and an arduous life to have lived…But God

In the midst of all my struggles, sacrifices, and sadness, I discovered the source of true joy and the origin of the oil of gladness. Journey with me as I share my EMERGENCE. This is my childhood journey from conception to womanhood. Bear with me as I guide you through the different stages of my life. By doing so, I will show you in other books how I emerged to become a blessed woman of God today. My mess has become my Message and a Movement that says


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