Build- A- Brand Workshop




Build A Brand Workshop is for kingdom entrepreneurs who want to learn how to build a successful digital brand.

Topics include:
Who am I?
What business idea should I start first?
The building blocks of digital success.
What is branding and why is it important?
Finding social platforms right for you.
Graphic Design.
Analyzing your demographic and competition.
Tools for the trade.
Public Relations.
Micro Influencer Marketing.

As a micro influencer, Elle Clarke had the opportunity to share her expertise and be featured in the Readers Digest, US News and World Report, Interviewed by Elle Magazine. She has published in the Huffington Post many times. She worked alongside TBN, Essence Magazine, BET and more. Through her brand, I Am Queen Magazine she has been awarded many opportunities to sit with and interview extraordinary minds.

You receive BAB Presentation and workbook along with Elle Clarke’s new Ebook How to Level Up Your Brand where she interviewed Execs from major companies who share their secrets to creating a successful business.

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I AM Media: Increasing your Visibility, Viability & Value

If you are taking this course you have either already written a book or started a blog. If you are taking this course it also means that you want to increase your visibility and sustainability in the marketplace. Many times we are making progress but because you measure your success to the next guy whose numbers are much greater than your own you believe that you aren’t making any progress or gaining any ground.
Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So if your goal is to increase your following and every day you only increase by one new follower-you are succeeding. Success is relative and it is important for us not to measure our success to the next guy.
Social Media has changed the way we communicate. We have replaced real conversations with text messages and have resorted to getting to know people based only on their online appearance. This can be dangerous but for an entrepreneur, author, or business owner this is definitely the best time to be in business. Social media has allowed us to position our brands, books, and services with the T.D. Jakes of books and the Macy’s of brands giving us the ability to grow our business like never before.
You must first understand that you are a major brand and your story is one that will impact generations. The Bible declares that so a man thinketh in his heart so is he, so you can take as many courses as you like or receive the know-how, but never experience the results you want because you don’t believe that you are able to do it. This course is designed to help amplify your voice in the online space, while increasing visibility, viability, and value.

The student will be able to write pitches to get into the media.

The student will learn how to increase engagement.

The student will learn how to thrive and standout in the sea of social media.

The student will learn how to increase their product and service value.

The student will learn how to become an Amazon Bestselling Author

Social Media tools, Media list, Movie Making & more…

Hear expert advice on how to become a New York Times Bestselling Author and media tips from:

Jason Hanson New York Times bestselling author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life
Tess Gerritsen NYT bestselling author of the Rizzoli and Isles Series
Jacquie Jordan, CEO of New York Times Bestselling Publishing Company TVGuestpert Publishing


Also included is our Publish Princess Course: Students will learn how to publish and promote their books.

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