5 Ways To Build A Successful Personal Brand In 2019



It’s 2019 and everyone is building a brand, and rightfully so. You want to be the one telling your story, not some estranged cousin. Personal branding is merely creating a reputation that you can be proud of, earn from and establish a legacy that speaks for you even in death.

Here are 5 ways to build a successful brand in 2019:



 1. Define Your Target Market:

YOU CAN NOT MARKET TO EVERYONE!!!! I hope that was loud enough for the people in the back. Trying to market to everyone is marketing to no one. Finding your niche helps you to customize your marketing efforts for your ideal clients.

Many entrepreneurs aren’t seeing the revenue they want to see because they don’t know who their customers are.  Social Media has elevated the customer service experience. You now have the ability to learn first hand what your clients like and dislike giving you real-time data.


2. Choose the Right Social Platform:

Social Media is awesome and I love it. It gives no names like myself the opportunity to share the same stages as BIG NAMES like Beyonce and TD Jakes. However, your efforts can be greatly diluted if they aren’t focussed on the right platform(s).

Take SnapChat for example; 78% of SnapChat users are between the ages of 18-24. This platform would not be the right platform for me because my target market is women between the ages of 25-44. Understanding each social platform will help you to streamline your efforts.


3. Great Content *Transparency with Strategy*

Share great content! Facebook was created to connect family and friends in one place no matter where they were in the world. Now, Facebook is like a digital coffee shop where everyone hangs out to get the latest *tea*. Cultivating great content consistently will help you to develop a tribe of people devoted to you.

Allow your audience to see some imperfections but ensure that it’s all apart of your marketing strategy. People love shopping with people they know, like and trust. Before creating the product or service build a tribe. Once you’ve built a tribe, you have people who you can sell your products to who will sell your products for you……can you see it? Tons of Reviews!!!! (Reviews sell products).


4. Consistency:

This is the part that separates the sheep from the goat. Everyone wants instant success and viral cred, BUT for 99.9 % of us, that may not happen. Consistency is the ingredient for massive success. One brick today becomes a wall tomorrow ‘no pun intended’, we build bridges here, but you get my point.


5. Follow Up:

I can not tell you how much money I made simply by going back to that person who expressed interest in my service a year ago. Life happens and people forget, but as a business owner your priority is your clients and it is your responsibility to FOLLOW UP!



Join me on Jan. 31. 2019 for Build A Brand Workshop where I will be helping women entrepreneurs learn how to build a successful digital brand.

Topics include :

Who am I?
What business idea should I start first?
The building blocks of digital success.
What is branding and why is it important?
Finding the social platforms right for you.
Graphic Design.
Analyzing your demographic and competition. 
Tools for the trade.
Public Relations.
Micro Influencer Marketing. 

What makes me qualified to teach?

As a micro influencer, I have had the opportunity to share my expertise and be featured in the Readers Digest, US News and World Report, Interviewed by Elle Magazine. I have published in the Huffington Post many times. I have worked alongside TBN, Essence Magazine, BET and more. Through my brand, I Am Queen Magazine I have been awarded many opportunities to sit with and interview extraordinary minds.







Terisha Bennett Lee is a sought after speaker and business consultant and Founder of The Propensities firm which is focused on optimizing people’s life and organization in three critical areas Faith, Purpose and Success. 

We caught up with this CEO, Wife, and Mother to ask the question most asked: What is Propensity?

Terisha Bennett Lee: Propensities are characteristics, traits, habits, inclinations or tendencies. Knowing the propensities associated with great faith, walking in purpose and attaining success, EMPOWERING YOU, to identify your personal calling. While these areas are three distinct areas, and you can choose to work with me in just one, you will find often times they intersect. 

I’ve put in the work, I’ve studied, I’ve researched. Yes! actually conducted research studies on success, resiliency, & purpose. I’m ready to share with you the propensities of empowered people. Participation in my uniquely structured workshops is exactly what you need TO BOLDLY WALK IN PURPOSE. 

I can help you get unstuck. I am not a coach. I AM YOUR ADVOCATE. The workshops I host allows like-minds to learn and grow together utilizing my signature programs. They are empowered to make sense of their frustrations and not live the dreams and expectations of others. In February, I will be hosting my very first workshop of 2019 under the theme Ant-Vision Board.


The objective of this workshop is to challenge participants to actively pursue the next level and accomplishing their goals. Utilizing multifaceted approach we will appeal to more than just your eyes but challenge you to dig deeper in body, mind, and soul. Encouraging you to Strive toward not what is a popular success but what is your personal success. It’ll be held at the DoubleTree Hotel in Deerfield Beach FL on Saturday, February 9th 10-2pm.
There’ll be: 
VIP registration 
Limited seating 
Hands-on vision casting 
Goal mapping 
Advice, strategies, and tips from leaders in various industries. 
If you want this year to be like no other year YOU MUST BE HERE!
You can learn more about Terisha at http://www.terishalee.com 

4 Tips You Can Use To Crush Your 2019 Financial Goals

5 New Instagram Updates 2018-3

The new year is fast approaching and our timelines are about to be ‘lit’ with ‘new year-new me’ declarations. I believe that 2019 is the beginning of great years for you, similar the to the seven years of harvest described in Genesis 41.

If you don’t know the story here’s a snippet:

Pharaoh had two dreams that troubled him greatly. He called his wise men and they were unable to interpret the dream for him. However, his cupbearer told him of a Hebrew he met in prison, that was able to interpret his dream and may be able to help. The Hebrew, Joseph, was summoned from the prison and was able to tell Pharaoh that his dreams meant that there would be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. A famine so bad that it would cause the people to forget all about the prosperity the years before.

Long story short Joseph was able to give Pharaoh the strategy that he could use to ensure the survival of his people during those times. Joseph’s strategy during the times of plenty created a storehouse filled with all Egypt needed for the famine but they were also able to sell food to people from other cities and countries.

Even in famine, Egypt prospered because they prepared for the slow times during the full times and was able to financially capitalize and create an additional stream of income by selling food during the famine.

*Hint* They were an answer to a problem.

I began saying that I believe we are approaching a year of great increase. These seven years of plenty that you are about to experience doesn’t mean seven years of ‘the splurge’. These years are for you to prepare to be the deliverance the world needs for what lies ahead.

Egypt prospered in famine because they had the answer to world hunger and was able to come to the worlds rescue and profit because of their prudence. Joseph’s strategy was so simple, but it required discipline and it saved so many lives and increased the wealth of Egypt.

2019 is the year that I get my finances together, eliminate debt and increase my wealth with the help of Joseph’s Financial Strategy. Care to join me?

Step #1

Ten Percent Belongs To God-Pay Your Tithes!

“Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” -Malachi 3:10 I NIV

I can remember going through seasons where I tested the validity of this scripture. I looked at what was in my hand. I looked at my bills. Then I looked at the tithing envelope and was like God-you see what I have and it is not enough so I’ll pay this next month. Then the Holy Spirit would speak to me and I would give my tithes. Did I die or starve during the times I felt like I was unable to pay my tithes? Heavens no-in fact God continues to ensure that I receive all that I need.

Honoring God with the first fruits of your increase will not deplete you, it always increases you. I hear the talk in the marketplace as to all the reasons why you shouldn’t give your tithes, but none of the reasons given negates the fact that it was a command from God. I want ALL the blessings of God and if I pay my tithes because God can not lie, I can bet on the fact that his word is true and I shall be blessed because of it!

Step #2

Give Offerings

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.- Luke 6:38 | NIV

Ten percent of my increase shall be given as offerings to the church and to the poor. I will decide at the appointed time whether I will give half to the church or the other half to someone in need. Or whether I will alternate month to month between the church and someone in need.

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.- Proverbs 19:17 I NIV

When you give to the poor you are giving to God, because Jesus took on our debt so that through him we may be free. When you give anything to the poor its received by heaven as a loan you gave to God and he, the God with unlimited resources, repays you.

Step #3

Save Twenty Percent Of Your Earnings-BUDGET

Let Pharaoh do this, and let him appoint officers over the land, to collect one-fifth of the produce of the land of Egypt in the seven plentiful years. Genesis 41:34 NKJV

One-fifth of your earnings is equivalent to 20%. Joseph was able to feed Egypt and so many others by doing this for seven years.


20% of $100 = $20.00

$20 x 4 wks = $80.00

$80 x 12 mths = $960.00


Step #4

Enjoy the Sixty Percent that’s left!

To some people who are living above there means 60% is going to feel like living in the wilderness but good news, no one has ever died from downsizing, at least I don’t think so. Now is a great time to reevaluate your spending habits.

Listen, I’ll be the first to say that I never took financial planning and budgeting seriously. I never took charge of my money, so my money took charge of me. Money is an awesome servant but a terrible master. As a mother, it is so important that I teach my kids the value of money and proper financial planning and spending habits. In this way, they don’t repeat a cycle of poverty but will create a legacy of financial literacy they can pass on to their children’s children.

5 NEW Instagram Updates That Will Transform Your Online Business

5 New Instagram Updates 2018

I am so excited about all the new updates Instagram is rolling out. Now, these updates are new to me and I understand that it may be old to some of you; so to everyone like me-drumroll, please!

Instagram Story Ads

Story Ads allow Instagram business pages to show their stories to more people. You can choose to auto-target people similar to your followers or people in a certain location. These stories can be linked to your Instagram page or website.
Instagram Shop

Simply register your Instagram account to a business profile, or convert an existing personal account to a business account. Then, connect your business profile to a Facebook catalog of products on your corresponding Facebook business page. These must be physical products and must comply with Instagram’s policies.

IGTV Story Preview

Are you on IGTV?

You are now able to share your IGTV video in your stories. You just tap the paper airplane at the bottom of the video you’d like to share. When your friends see that story, they can tap the preview to watch the whole video in IGTV.

Instagram Voice Notes

OMG!!! I can remember getting so frustrated that I had to tell clients to move over to Facebook so that we could send voice notes BUT now Instagram has heard my cry and has now released its voice note feature. In your DM you can find a microphone, hold it down to record your one minute message. Then release and just like that you are sending voice notes on IG.

Instagram Video Chat

Video chat is now available in your direct message on Instagram. Send a direct message the person or group you which to call, click the camera icon and ‘ring ring ring!’ The awesome thing about this is the fact that the person or people you’re calling don’t have to be in the app to receive the call. This feature allows for 4 persons to video chat at once-awesome!

Note: You must have an active DM thread with the people you are trying to reach. So don’t go calling Cardi asking her to see her baby because the option won’t be there for you unless you both have an active direct message thread.

I would add the option for this 4 way call to also become a live video, *imagine the possibilities*.

Businesses can truly use this feature to up-level their customer service experience, set up client consultations and so much more!!!!

If you are a Social Media Manager, use these updates to set yourself and your agency apart from the others.

Queens 2019 is the year we bloom. Don’t get left behind- online, see what I did there, LOL.

The 9 Biggest Financial Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid During the Holidays

The holiday season has finally arrived, and that means the start of a very active time of the year filled with travel, the arrival of guests, holiday parties, and, of course, holiday gift shopping. It’s also the time of the year when many people make common financial mistakes – such as spending way more than planned on costly, last-minute gifts. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at the 9 biggest financial mistakes you can easily avoid during the holidays.

#1: Not having a holiday budget

This is the easiest mistake to avoid since a little advance planning can help you
prevent overspending during the holiday season. If you are planning on traveling,

for example, then put together a budget covering details like flights, hotels, gas,

and food. And even if you are planning on staying home for the holidays, think
about planning a total entertainment budget for the family that will help you stay
on track throughout the next two months.

#2: Spending too much on holiday gifts

With a constant deluge of holiday commercials on TV and advertisements across
the web, you can easily be convinced into thinking that you should be spending
two, three, or even four times the amount that you originally planned. Thus, at the
very outset of the holiday season, simply draw up a list of all gift recipients, and
then make a brief notation of how much you plan to spend for each of them. That
will let you see very easily what your overall holiday gift budget is going to be.

#3: Buying items on impulse just because they’re on sale

As a corollary to #2, the easiest way to break a holiday gift budget is by giving in
to impulse buys. Black Friday specials are the worst temptation – some items
might be marked down so low that you start scooping up gift ideas that you might
never have considered before. If you are buying an item just because it’s
“marked way down,” then you are doing it all wrong.

#4: Skipping or deferring payments at the end of the year

At the end of the year, cash flow can be tight, and that’s perhaps the most
obvious reason why people find themselves slipping behind on payments due in
November and December. If you defer credit card payments, you are just
sacrificing short-term gain (extra cash flow) for long-term pain (late fees and
penalties that you’ll experience in January).
Beautiful woman shopping online for Christmas.

#5: Putting all purchase on your credit cards

If you are maxing out credit cards with holiday expenses, you are committing a
potentially costly financial mistake. Most credit cards have absurdly high-interest
rates on them, so if you are putting major purchases on credit cards, then you
are going to be paying off a lot more than just the original price of the item. If
possible, try to pay with cash or with debit cards. Credit cards should be the last

#6: Counting on the year-end holiday bonus

Yes, many employers do hand out the equivalent of a year-end holiday bonus,
but you shouldn’t count on one to bail you out at the end of the holiday season.

#7: Waiting until the last minute to start holiday shopping

You don’t have to join the masses and head out to the stores on Black Friday,
but you should think about starting your holiday shopping sooner rather than
later. For one, you will be able to take advantage of much better prices if you
have more time to comparison shop. And, secondly, you won’t miss out on
sold-out items and have to trade up to pricier items.

#8: Not taking advantage of coupons and rewards

There is actually a lot of “free money” out there that you can take advantage of. If
you are using credit cards, for example, then use credit cards with cash back
rewards. If you get holiday circulars in the mail, take time to cut out coupons
or rebates or discounts that you can use later. And if you are getting holiday
specials in your email inbox, jot down the special promotional codes to get

#9: Taking money out from emergency funds or retirement funds

If you are tempted to take money out of a retirement fund, think again. Unless
you are older, those 401(K) withdrawals will probably come with a tax penalty.
Moreover, if you are dipping into “rainy day” or “emergency” funds for extra cash,
you are only setting yourself up for problems later down the road when you really
need the money.
Remember – financial steps that you take in late November and December will
impact your budgetary situation in January. If you don’t want to start the New
Year with expenses, late fees, past due notices and unwanted credit card bills,

then try to avoid the 9 financial mistakes listed above. Take charge of your
financial life, and avoid the classic traps and pitfalls that many people fall into
during the busy holiday season.
Written By:

Lorra Brown is the CEO of LBE
Consulting, PLLC based in Grand Prairie,
TX. Lorra is a multi-faceted business
strategist that works with a plethora of
clients around the country. She provides
accounting services and business
consulting to a diverse bed of
self-employed professionals. Her life’s
mission is to help women gain
empowerment and change their mindset
about their finances.

Actress and Singer Daniela Torchia talks about Music and new Film Projects


Daniela Torchia 1
Actress and Singer Daniela Torchia 


Tell me about yourself.

I love the arts and I love people.  Having been born in Madrid, Spain to Austrian actress, and American Italian father influenced my Flamenco music roots and helped build my social, fun loving, food loving, party-loving personality.  I was a young dancer, and the rhythm of music and the performance of others kept the fire burning.  When I started writing my music by the time I was in my 30’s, the music was influenced by my Spanish birth roots and my history as a dancer.  I liked catchy guitar licks, melodies, song hooks and lyrics, and the dramatics of life’s heartbreaks, and excitement of falling love shaped much of the first album, “Have No Fear.”  My dance and song influenced the musical theatre productions in which I got through stage-fright, learned to get over my fears, and through which I gained confidence and great memories.  

How did you get started in the entertainment industry?

I got started slowly, though I dance trained (ballet, lyrical jazz, and tap) throughout my adolescence. I did not start performing in musical theatre (except for Grease in High School as “Cha Cha”) until I was 30 as my 20’s were University book-worm years getting my Masters in Public Health and clinical nutrition, and starting my first clinic job, while secretly dreaming of performing on stage, doing movies, and singing.  I did musical theatre, Pippin, as my break out grown-up role at age 31.  Within a couple of years, I picked up more vocal skills, reacquainted myself with my acoustic guitar, and used my early years of Flamenco guitar training as a 7-year-old, as well as my classical ensemble guitar skills I got from early 20’s and melded them into new pop, Flamenco, indie-rock.  As the power of intention made itself obvious, I happen to drive past a group of guitar-playing happy people on my street who waved me down randomly to play music with them:  I did not know them, I was not quite confident yet, but I said, “What the heck.”  I joined them, and one of the guys loved my music, introduced me to a music engineer, and within 2 months I finished my first 3 demos… and so it went. Soon I met more people and produced my first album, formed a band, and played the L.A. scene (Whiskey a Go Go, The Joint, The Cat Club, and every club on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, CA)

Did you have any favorite idols growing up whether on television or film?

I was influenced as a dancer first, and I loved old movie stars, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and Gene Kelly, as well as Danny Kaye. The Follies, and later Bob Fosse. Singers all across the board ignited my curiosity and passion for performing, and musical theatre actors and pop stars sent me into a daydream state of, “I want to do that.”  I had the usual teen crush on Shaun Cassidy and joined his fan club when I was 8 years old!  As I grew up I saw Cindy Lauper belt it out on stage, and I was fascinated at how live she was even better than on the recordings I had heard.  I loved Journey, Queen, and the Eagles (my older cousins introduced them to me as a kid), Stray Cats, Foreigner and the typical pop-rock but was always fascinated by the incredible variety of powerful voices out there. Once I started recording, I loved the rhythms of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson, and the lyrics and dynamic energy of Pink. I ended up falling in love and marrying a progressive rock keyboardist legend, and that taught me a whole new understanding of classical music turned rock and magic.

What do you love most about being a singer?

What I love most about being a singer is expressing my emotions and affecting someone else’s mood in a positive way.  When someone listening to me identifies with words or the mood that certain music can trigger it makes the act of singing like a healing and therapeutic soul session.  On the other hand, the rhythmic songs I sing bring laughter to others, and when I see their hips move, and their bodies wiggle it makes me smile and brings me joy in return.

Was that something you always wanted to pursue?

Yes, I wanted to sing since I was a little child, but I was quite shy after the move to the U.S. and my Austrian mother’s intense strict personality, though she was much mellower than I thought as a kid, suppressed my pursuit. I did sing once into a cassette which she found, and her criticism of it had me lip sync for years until I finally broke out of that mold!  Excellent life experiences, vocal lessons for support, and getting rid of only whispering certainly made a difference.  I think if you dream something, and want something, you need to surround yourself by those people that encourage that and keep the other people who don’t get it a kind step away from that happy dreamy vortex of belief in yourself that is precious.  There are always critics, but dreams and soul food of the arts need to be fed by the person experiencing that dream:  luckily my childhood dream came true; it’s never too late.


Tell me more about your latest album

I am excited about the latest singles, and the most recent Spanish single “Donde Vas a Ir,” which is the translation of “Is She Coming Back.”  The English version confuses people all the time, as I play a trick speaking from different perspectives, of a man and a woman, so some people don’t know if it is about love between a man and a woman, or two women.  You guess!

I translated several songs from the album, and I will be releasing one at a time throughout the rest of this year, 2018.  It’s really fun to hear the song come alive in another language.  The downloads are easy to get these days!  Thank goodness.

Are you currently working on new music?

I am working on new music, and am excited to finish production on my English and Swahili song; a tribute to life, humanity and peace, “Endelea.”  I have several acoustic recordings, and more recordings to finish.  The first singles in Spanish are being released now and throughout the year, and the Swahili and world type music will be released by 2019.  I love eclectic music, and mine includes pop, Flamenco, indie-rock, World, and a bit of jazz and blues.  Who can resist the blues!

Daniela Torchia 3

Let’s get into your acting career. Any new projects you are working on?

Acting is an amazing expression of multiple characters, with the capacity to say and be a multitude of eccentric characters, who behave in ways I am unable to in the “real world.”  That is why I love portraying deep and emotionally disturbed (though that is a “label” and acting coaches don’t like that) however, it helps non-actors understand what the heck I am talking about!  My new role will be filming in Las Vegas, as a Russian landlord amidst tumultuous surroundings, gangsters, thugs, and lovers.  Stay tuned on IMDB by the end of 2018.

How exactly did you get into acting? Was it something you always wanted to pursue?

I was exposed to movie sets, photographers, paparazzi, and fans ogling my beautiful mother from the time I was born.  I had a secret dream of being successful as an actor but did not pursue it till much later.  The ups and downs of that potential life, the need to be emotionally unaffected by rejection, and the potential lack of income from not working pushed me willingly into a science and health direction.  As my life evolved, my artistry evolved as well, my income was secure, and my confidence increased, so did my pursuit of acting.  That really was a late start, and even though musical theater-trained me, it was not the same as camera work, and lead or supporting roles.  Once I took some fabulous acting classes, did scenes, then plays, and a heck of a lot of “getting my feet wet” thesis projects at film schools as an actor, I began my professional journey in front of the camera from indie features, and some T.V.  I did leave it for a while to pursue my Ph.D. a childhood dream so I can write and help others through health, but now I am back, and am looking forward to my Russian role.

How do you balance both being a singer and an actress? Are there any challenges involved?

There are many challenges, and balancing acts.  The challenges come from time, timing, focus, life’s distractions, disappointments, and others who sabotage or don’t follow through or even backstab (part of life but we all move on).  Making sure to keep a positive attitude, keeping the dream alive by letting go of things that are negative, and continuing the journey is super important.  Enjoying and letting positive, loving, kind people in are all important in keeping things going.  On a practical level, if I write and record, the acting takes a back seat, and when I prep for a role, the singing, and recording takes a back seat.  Sometimes, both happen together, but that’s happened in musical theatre, not in film acting so far; of course, if you get an opportunity like La La Land, then you get to do both.   It’s also important, I have found, to keep the voice trained, at least the scales, and key changes so when you sing again, you’re ready.  My alto register is always ready, even without practice, but my soprano sounds more like a cat if I don’t practice, kind of like bodybuilding.  There are people that are more physiologically gifted in all ranges, and though I have gifts, I do need to vocalize!  My memory needs work too!  Learning paragraphs of lines and making them real dialogue takes brain power, and some are fabulous at remembering words, and others are like me, it takes a bit more work!  Don’t get lazy, I tell myself!

What keeps you motivated and inspired through everything?

The dream and the joy and the memories of how great it has felt, and how happy and moved others were by something I wrote, sang, or performed keeps me motivated.  Support from “cheerleaders” also has kept me smiling, working, and pursuing when I wanted to give up, or thought, “well, maybe that’s enough.”  I think as I acknowledge that my soul really is an artist’s soul, I accept the journey of all artistic endeavors, dreams, and opportunities.  I cannot see the future, but I believe in intent, the journey, and a reason for who we are.  I am an artist so I will prepare, enjoy, and see what life offers.

When you aren’t working, what does Daniela like to do for fun?

I am an American-Italian European fun-loving social foodie.  One of my greatest joys is feeding people!  I love having social gatherings filled with delicious foods, and drinks, good old-fashioned music, Dean Martin, of course, thanks to Pandora and my iPad. I have great memories as a kid and continue the family and cultural traditions of dinner parties, casual food fest garden parties, good wine, sparkling water, Prosecco, and laughter.  It is hard for me to sit still, so I love hiking, and playing tennis, walking on the beach (I know, I sound like a dating app add), late night magical shows on my Smart TV, and reading British “who done its” by Agatha Christie, and the “cozy mysteries aka cozies,” by M.C. Beaton. Talking to my girlfriends like a teenager still seems to be a favorite past-time too. Of course, I love my cat, and all critters, and spend time playing, feeding, activist signing, donating, and adopting special needs creatures, and contributing to those amazing organizations that really do make a difference for so many wild animals, and pets. My heart is soft for creatures:  I got totally hooked on the premature baby hippo Fiona’s reality YouTube ™ series from the Cincinnati Zoo.  What a great job the team has done; baby Fiona is not so tiny anymore!  Great job, Cincinnati Zoo.

How can readers connect with you and buy your music? Website and social media links?

I would love as many people as possible to enjoy my music by healing their hearts and feeling joy through dance and rhythm.  Daniela Torchia stuff is all over the place, including iTunes, and CD Baby.  The paid downloads help support more music and donations to both animals and child adoption sites to which we contribute, World Vision, SPCA, WWF (World Wild Life Federation), and 32 more.  My tax guy always says, “Shouldn’t you save some of this instead of giving to these organizations?”  I say, “Those that do great things to help decrease suffering in people and animals, deserve it!”  and so, life goes on.  I hope everyone gets to live their dreams, knows the joy of helping others, adopts a child or pet in person or through respected organizations, and keeps their hearts open to being supportive in mind, spirit, and life! 

Website: www.danielatorchia.com

Interviewed By: Patrice Rivers; Author, Blogger, and Writer. 

Follow her on IG @thatriverzgurl_brand