Sugar Popped, Atlanta’s own popular and stylish fashion house, is gearing up for an exciting Winter and Spring 2023 show season with new products and styles for the new year. To freshen up their new campaign, Sugar Popped is looking to hire a style ambassador to work with them this upcoming season.


Delivering the latest fits and pieces in a variety of styles, Sugar Popped serves up looks from their retail location in Atlanta to customers around the block and across the country. Shipping nationwide, Sugar Popped is on the forefront of new fashion with loyal customers around the country sporting their cutting edge looks.


Sugar Popped is seeking to partner with fashion and clothing influencers around the country to showcase their products and make waves in the style world. The ideal candidate will have a strong social media presence across multiple platforms, produce dynamic and unique content that draws views and shares, and is willing to showcase the Sugar Popped line on their own accounts.

With over a decade of experience, owners April and Jason White are serious about Sugar Popped and taking their business to the next level. In doing this, they’ve provided a great opportunity for any influencer to partner with them and become a part of the Sugar Popped brand.

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