“Moms Actually” Lets Motherhood Speak for Itself TOP 10 PODCAST TO LISTEN TO THIS FALL

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding decisions one can make in life; it is also among the most important and most difficult as well. It’s no secret that motherhood is a never-ending journey.

But for all of the struggles endured, it’s often hard to find others that are going through the same. Feeling alone out there is hard, and the need to connect with mothers was the genesis for the Moms Actually Talk Show.

Focused on breaking the media-supported glossy veneer on parenthood, Moms Actually aims to create a safe space to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a mother in the modern world. Created in 2021 by Blair Gyamfi, Sopha Rush, and Morgan Taylor, the show features discussions about topics related to motherhood, parenting, pop culture, and interviews with insightful guests.

When asked about their mission, the hosts said:

“We are building a community where motherhood meets sisterhood to support those who have felt alone in their personal parenting journey and give them a relatable voice to champion their experiences.”

Season one touched on topics such as body image, discipline, blended families, boundaries, and infant care. The eight-episode season wrapped up late in 2021, with season two set to debut later in 2022.

The Moms Actually talk show can be watched or listened to by visiting momsactually.com<https://momsactually.com/> or subscribing to all major podcast providers.

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