A “ Mother of 10” Thriving In Her Personal & Professional Life • Dr. Ebonee Is Giving Back and Making a Difference Through Patient Care and Education

Dr. Ebonee Gresham

Dr. Ebonee Gresham uses her expertise in nursing along with her lived experiences to create a better world for patients and practitioners everywhere. Through her social media following, “Dr. Ebonee Empowers” influences thousands of people and gives them the tools they need to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Dr. Ebonee attended Howard University while caring for her ailing mother before having ten children of her own. After enduring numerous hardships, she and her children experienced homelessness, a period of her life which greatly informs her care and advocacy today. It is because of these tribulations that Dr. Ebonee is able to use her perspective to help make a difference for others.

She eventually earned her Doctorate in Nursing Practice, establishing her as an expert in the field of nursing and patient care. Dr. Ebonee uses her background to empower and uplift women all over the world. In addition to her nursing career and online influence, Dr. Ebonee is an entrepreneur and public speaker, sharing her experiences to help others succeed.

Through her platform, Dr. Ebonee acts as a passionate advocate for matters such as domestic violence prevention, support for single mothers, and women’s empowerment. Her position on the boards of various community organizations and nursing institutions allows her to speak up on issues she has witnessed firsthand during her career in healthcare.

Dr. Ebonee has been awarded the Penny Maynard Scholarship and has been featured in several media outlets including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, BIZ Boost Magazine, WE Empower Magazine, SHEEN Magazine, Voyage ATL, and most recently was featured and interviewed on NBC Nightly News with anchor Lester Holt.

She is also a member of the American Nurse Association, Georgia Nurses Association, Georgia Public Health Association, American Public Health Nurses Association, National Black Nurses Association, Nursing’s Future Leaders Chapter of GNA, and the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing.


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