Millennial Maven Jaliah Floyd, Born and Raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Becoming the CEO of My’stique Beauty at 18, providing the leading cosmetics of the industry while sharing her artistry skills as a pro makeup artist, has been a fantastic growth journey. Using the wisdom and knowledge gathered from mistakes and guidance, Jaliah passionately helps other entrepreneurs to identify the creative executive voice that lies dormant on the inside. 

At only 20, Jaliah is a voice for her generation and has been called to the Kingdom of God, allowing him to use her as a willing vessel. She understands that God’s love is what keeps her grounded in faith. Jaliah Areje Enterprise is her upcoming Ministry, sharing the oil God has placed over her through praise and worship, although he still reveals more of his oil daily. Her lifestyle motto is “Worship is My Way of Breathing.” 

Beyond Ministry and career, she has engaged her interests in beauty and fashion, giving confidence to the curvy community. Jaliah has a vibrant personality and loving demeanor, advancing her to become Miss Florida Plus America 2022. Changing each district at a time, Miss Florida hopes to reach and bless families nationwide and beyond. 

While all of these accomplishments are great, Jaliah finds the most Joy in simply spending time with family and spreading love, light, & peace to all. Her prayer is that God continues to use her to help and encourage people worldwide.

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