BLACK & BRILLIANT is a series that shares the profiles of black women who are dominating in their industry. This series intends to celebrate black women and their accomplishments.

Jance Chartae’ is the founder of Brazen Boutique and the Boutique Academy– in less than 4 years she’s grossed over $2.5 million dollars. Jance is a proven powerhouse in the e-commerce industry, with over a decade of corporate retail sales and management experience; it wasn’t always in here.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, she worked for companies such as DKNY, Saks Fifth Avenue, The Limited, and Forever 21, to name a few.  In 2016, she was hired as the store manager of a small business in St. Louis where she was introduced to the world of entrepreneurship.

Within that role, she wore many hats including social media manager, buyer, email marketer, visual merchandiser, and more. Jance took her insights and turned them into content starting a YouTube channel about her experience. After her job went out of business months later in  2018, Jance took a leap of faith and launched  Brazen boutique;  within 2 years she made over $200,000 in online sales.

Through the success of her YouTube channel, Jance began to attract women from all over the world who wanted her help starting their own boutiques. So, in 2019 she launched The Boutique Academy, providing online classes and resources for online boutique owners. Since then she’s become a sought-after influencer and coach in the e-commerce space- working with over 4,000 women worldwide and helping many make multiple 6-figures and leave their full-time job.

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