Chantel Price

Have you ever wondered how to take a small business to new heights? As A business consultant, Chantel Price speaks words that motivate and elevate businesses across the globe. Based in Philadelphia and Miami she has the drive and knowledge to not only navigate herself to her destinations but others as well. 

Chantel has a Bachelor’s Degree from Pennsylvania State University, With a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. She is currently a 34-year-old Mother of 3 and has been in business for 15 years as the owner of five companies in Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Chantel Price is spoken highly of in digital and physical event spaces. She extends her passion as a multi-brand business owner. The foundational mission she stands on promotes growth and elevation. This is shown throughout her business names L’levate Dance Studio, Elevations Event Center, and BossUP Accessories. 

Needless to say, Ms. Price has As a result of her successful thriving business ventures, Ms. Price lends a helping hand to small business owners in order to take their ideas to the next level. Money Talks, Luckily Chantel Price speaks the language. 

Her main focus is listening to the client’s needs, and, making sure clients are working at their full potential. Not only does she help clients with their passion, but also helps them find their purpose long-term. Thus far she has assisted over 500 businesses with legalization, tax services, funding, accounting services and so much more

Chantel is currently branching off into nationwide ventures. For bookings, speaking engagements, brand collaborations, panel discussions, and events please contact krystle@midoristarmediagroup.com 


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