Jesikiah Marie

Having strong credit can be the difference between having and wanting. Whether it’s purchasing a home or car, getting a business loan, or simply planning for the future, good credit is an essential part of the toolkit of financial stability. Credit can be difficult to repair once it’s incurred some damage, and it can be even harder to fix without a trusted partner helping throughout the process.

Jesikah Marie, the co-founder, and operator of A-Plus Business Coaching and Marketing knows firsthand the difference between having poor credit and strong credit. It’s why she helps women across the country plan and execute their business ideas. With most female-owned businesses operating at a deficit, Marie strives to teach the fundamentals of business management and financial literacy to those seeking to make an impact on their community and the world.

A-Plus Business Coaching and Marketing is a full-service coaching solution, providing first-class business development and credit education to prospective and current business owners. The company places a major emphasis on not only supporting business owners with the numbers but also providing resources for the anxieties and mental health issues that can come in such a stressful environment. Her support team helps clients plan and prepare effectively to turn fledgling businesses into profitable ventures.

“72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues. We advocate for self-care and mental health awareness resources for business owners. Together we can hustle and heal,” she says.

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