Limitless Millennial – Our Authentic Self Has No Limitations

Becoming a published author is something I could have never imagined. I never knew how good I was at writing until it became all I wanted to do. My passion for wanting to inspire other women through “Do You See Your Crown?” was fueled by my own experience with putting myself in a box and not believing I was capable of anything great. Here’s why I was so wrong. Discovering that I had limitless possibilities for my potential growth to do more than I was doing, to be more than I was, and contribute more to humanity by walking in my truth and sharing my experiences to inspire others has been so fulfilling.

It’s shocking how many people never live a full life because of fear and lack of confidence to live outside of their own self-imposed limits. Speaking from experience I can tell you that limiting yourself can do a great deal of harm to your entire existence. These self-imposed limits manifest as thoughts around our lack of ability, our current situation, expectations from others and comparing ourselves with other people’s lives. Limiting beliefs are usually those negative thoughts you have about yourself like thinking you’re just not clever enough or believing that you’ll fail. Limits prevent you from a substantial amount of growth that you can experience in life.

They make us just settle for the bare minimum in life and never allow us to go after anything that will benefit our happiness and sense of wellbeing. The problem with these limitations is that they create thoughts that stop us from believing we are capable of achieving big things. As you can see this is a pretty dangerous mindset as it manifests as fear that we’ll fail or be judged for going after what we truly want. Get rid of the excuses you make around your situation by putting off every opportunity you have to level up. Diving into the pages of “Do You See Your Crown?” can help guide you in identifying with the limiting beliefs and not allow yourself to be defined by them. While working on your confidence, shifting your perspective and cultivating a positive mindset towards yourself and your goals will create a good basis moving forward.  

All of us can accomplish all we dream of doing if we release the self-imposed limitations. Somewhere along the way we start to recognize that happiness arises from within ourselves. Taking the first step to work on our personal development to gain self confidence will be uncomfortable at first but as we outgrow those self-imposed limitations, we will feel less defined by them. Our positive perspective and newfound self-confidence will allow the magic to flow in life. This change occurs because our minds are no longer closed off. Realize that we hold the key to our self-imposed prison of self-doubt, indecision, and fear. Be brave and use the key by envisioning our success.  Let’s not suffocate in our comfort zone, push past the limits we impose.

“Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination.” – Mae Jemison

Written By: Donnette Burrows

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