Nickie Nougaisse’s Haitian Roots Inspired Her to Launch An All Natural Hair Care Brand

Mother and beauty founder Nickie Nou (Nougaisse) returned to wearing her natural hair several years ago, but the journey was not as glamorous as some may think. Only a few years back, kinky hair was too commonly associated with negative terms like brillo pad, dry, or uncontrollable.  Born in Haiti and always being a lover of nature, Nickie decided to help create a safe place for women with kinky hair and launch the all natural hair care brand, Curls Dynasty.

This brand is one of the newest emerging black woman owned hair care lines that’s made especially for hard to hydrate hair! Yes, those with super thick, kinky, curly hair have a brand they can depend on to make their hair soft, manageable and healthy!! The growth of Curls Dynasty has been exceptional but not without struggle. Nickie has experienced poverty, homelessness and racism, but didn’t let it stop her from building an empire and she credits her Haitian culture with her perseverance and determination!

Today Curls Dynasty is sold at Target and dozens of other beauty supply stores across the country.

We salute Queen Nickie! Happy Women’s History Month.

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