Marteng Louis Charles Adolphe

Becoming a pageant queen was something that I could never imagine. I have been in the medical field for over 20 years, in this field that beauty and glam had no part. I started as a medical assistant and worked my way up. My professional wardrobe included wearing scrubs and tennis shoes and I loved it. My passion has always been to help and care for others, which is a lifestyle far from glam. I am the oldest of 6 siblings and I witnessed our mother battling breast cancer, which she survived. Watching my mother survive cancer gave me the passion for health care. 

My journey of pageantry began during my last semester of graduate school. I was set back one year due to unsuccessfulness in one of my classes. I remember one of my professors reached out to me and asked me to apply for a grant through the nursing school. She even promised me that she would write a reference letter for me. I decided to apply for the scholarship and luckily, I was one of the 6 that was selected for the grant. Out of the 6 of us, I was the only one who was matched to do my internship in the health department caring for HIV/AIDs patients. While working with the patients I saw the need for education, so I grabbed the opportunity to educate them about the disease process and the treatment plans that were available for HIV/AIDS. I was able to advance my education about HIV/AIDS by attending health summits, conferences, and online training. 

I joined the Mrs. International sisterhood to continue educating the community about HIV/AIDS. I joined the organization in 2020, and I was so excited to compete in April 2020 as Mrs. Haiti contestant. I was looking forward to competing for the title as Mrs. international. Due to covid19 and the entire country closed for quarantine, which forced the pageant to go virtual. In June 2020 after interviewing along the side of my pageant sisters, I did not win the title. I was first runner up. That did not stop me from continuing the work I did, which was to educate others about HIV/AIDS. I will forever be grateful to some of my community leaders who granted me the opportunity to use their platform to educate the community. On April 17th  2021, I was crowned Mrs. Haiti international 2021 and on July 2021, I competed alongside some of the most amazing women from all around the world in Tennessee for Mrs. International. 

My delay in grad school led me to the internship opportunity which led me to pageantry. I can say that everything that happens in life, happens for a reason. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to compete in the pageant which gives me a bigger platform to educate about HIV/AIDS. As a healthcare provider, I want to continue educating others and help end the stigma of HIV. I am available as a guest speaker for any events, especially health events. I can be reached at marteng.adolphe@yahoo.com. 

Special thanks to the Candid Conversations TV show, Variete Lakay ak Fanm Lakay, Anfom Health and Fitness for allowing me their platform to educate about HIV/AIDs. Also, special thank you to my sponsors: Incurve, Zotobre, S&M Custom Design, Chic & Savvy Boutique, Diamond Ballroom, Sime’s Legacy Corp, Top Choice Medical transportation, and Hope for a Healthier Life. 

Written By Contributing Writer:

Marteng Louis Charles Adolphe


Mrs. Haiti International 2021

My platform “Ending the Stigma of HIV” 

Facebook: Marteng Louis Charles Adolphe

Instagram: @mrshaitiinternational2021   @martenglouischarlesadolphe

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