Entrepreneur Spotlight w/ Kimberly Gowdy

Kimberly Gowdy

Kimberly is a seasoned Insurance Executive and Creative Writer teaching women who’ve struggled with infertility how to be intentional and embrace surrogacy to manifest a life full of purpose, authenticity and bigger wins.

Do you know the power of two small words that have such big meaning when your life seems to be spinning out of control? “I’m barren” are the two words Kimberly Gowdy had to come face to face with to fully accept and admit her truth. I caught up with the Queen to discuss HERstory of unshakable faith in her darkest days to manifest the life she’s dreamed of.

IAQ: With your debut book, The Colorless Womb, why was it important for you to share your unique story with women now?

Kimberly: My decision to share my story right now is twofold. For women, my message will hopefully lessen the stigma of infertility. As women continue to make strides in their careers and delay starting a family, the news of infertility can come as a shock. Although most women will never have to take such measures as surrogacy, my story does open the door to explore a less popular option that can reap many benefits. Secondly, we are living in a time where race relations has taken a step backwards. Honestly, surrogacy in itself may not seem unique because most people who enter into this type of arrangement journey with people of the same race. My book reminds us that there is still love in the world, regardless of the color of ones skin.

IAQ: Did you ever want a surrogate mother that looks like you? What changed your perspective?

Kimberly: Initially on my quest to find a surrogate, I only considered black women. I wanted to see myself through my surrogate. I felt like something so intimate required that she and I connect on every level, including race. My husband and I went through a long arduous process with three amazing black women. Unfortunately for two of our candidates there were unforeseen medical issues. For the other woman, it seemed to be a smooth process, however the implantation rejected. At this point, our decision was to walk away from this entire process, but God had other plans. What I learned is that this journey requires connecting with someone who has the best interest of your child. Someone who never makes you feel like an outsider as you watch your prized possession grow within her. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with character.

IAQ: What would you say to a woman who’s at that point of giving up, whether it’s infertility, hardships, self-worth? How would you encourage her to keep the faith?

Kimberly: First, I would tell her that troubles don’t last always. Secondly, we have to dismiss lies that set themselves up as truths in our minds.

A few examples would be telling ourselves

“I’m too old to start a career.”
“I’ll always be overweight.”
“I’ll never have a family.”

What we think and how we think is ultimately who we are.If we change our thoughts, and sometimes those with whom we associate, we can receive the desires of our hearts!

To find out more about Kimberly Gowdy and her inspirational growing movement “M.O.B.Y” Life (Mommy Older Baby Younger) click here. Her book “The Colorless Womb” can be ordered on all digital platforms.

This interview was conducted by Contributing Writer: Nikki Gillis, write@innergchic.com

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