Luner Eugene’s Award-Winning Film Series ‘Bae Night is now a Highly Anticipated Full-Length Feature Film

“Bae Night”, an Award-Winning Film Series is now a full feature film co-written and directed by Luner Eugene. Written by Neicey Johnson and Produced by Sandra Justice, Genji Jacques, and Alexandra Bello. Executive Producer Rich Jean and Sandra Justice. Univisual Productions, Lunerversal Film & Godzsun Productions in association with Indie Rights distribution, who will be releasing this movie worldwide through streaming platforms like TubiTV, iMDBTV, Peacock, Fandango, and Amazon Prime to name a few. 

The movie’s plot was co-written by prolific and award-winning filmmaker Luner Eugene starring Genji Jacques, actor dubbed the “Haitian Denzell as (Tony Robinson) and ‘Miami Vices’ Sandra Justice as (Alexis Robinson) appear to be the typical married couple that is envied by many. They have class, culture, and wealth. Tony is a handsome, caring, devoted husband, and a savvy businessman who runs a successful tech firm “” Alexis is a vibrant, free spirited socialite, and stylist who is obsessed with social media. Alexis loves spending time with her friends and posting onto her Instagram page “Bae Night Fashion.” Although the couple appear to have it all together, things are not what they seem to be for the Robinson’s. A web of lies and deceit begin to tear into their marriage. Bad decisions and secrets from the past quickly begin to resurface leading to betrayal and turmoil. Will Tony and Alexis fight to overcome their obstacles, restore their marriage, and or will they allow these circumstances to destroy it? Bae Night also features “Jaiden Kaine as “Blake” He’s appeared as Taraji P. Henson’s father, “Joshua Coleman” in the blockbuster; Hidden Figures (2016), “Oswall Swann” in Ridley Scott’s, and Killing Lincoln (2015). He became a regular on the Netflix/Marvel Original; Luke Cage (2016) a recurring guest star on Vampire Diaries (2015-2016) and a recurring guest-star on CW’s Valor (2017). Also features “Carlacia Grant” who plays “Kim” in Bae Night Movie. She is best known for her breakout role in the remake of Alex Haley’s ROOTS (2016), (A&E, Lifetime, History) Oprah Winfrey’s hit show Greenleaf (OWN), and ABC’s Game of Silence. The film features the song “High” by musical soul artist “Zorenzo” and highlights many Miami Artist like “The Real Paul Morris,” “Stichiz,” and many more.

We are super excited about this movie because our Cover Queen Delpha Clarke Samuels is also in it!!!!! We are so proud of her and encourage all of you to see it.

Luner Eugene is a director, writer, producer, and cinematographer born in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. At the age of 9, he migrated to the United States to join his parents who had gone ahead years prior to pave the way for Luner to have every chance at realizing the American Dream. In 2008, he produced and entered his first short film “Employed” for the Johnson & Johnson BET Lens on Talent Film Contest, which started the filmmaking bug. In 2012, he directed a short film “Jessica Takes Charge” written and acted by Carlacia Grant and Julie Kendal, the short film was acknowledged by popular You Tube Channel “Indi Mogul”, For low-budget filmmakers looking to improve, “Indy Mogul” has over 1,000 videos full of DIY moviemaking techniques! Eugene’s “Poukisa Music Video” by the group GazzmanDisip, featuring Richard Cave was nominated for best cinematography by the Widescreen Film and Music Festival. 

Luner is the Director of the Bae Night Movie . Season 1 was nominated for four categories in the 2018 Miami Web Festival. Luner won the Best Cinematography Award; leading actress, Sandra Justice, won the Best Actress Award; and the series won the Best of the Fest Award. His commitment to the industry and vast experience landed him a speaking role as a panelist on filmmaking at the Film Music Arts Culture Conference (FMAC) held at the 2018 Jazz in the Gardens Music Fest in Miami Gardens, Florida. FMAC is an action-packed one-day conference of intimate discussions with prominent figures in the Arts. Eugene wrote, directed and produced the feature film, “Loving Till it Hurts,” a romantic drama about a lonely, unhappy housewife who runs into an old high school friend at a time when she is experiencing emotional abandonment and struggling to maintain the love for her husband, now streaming on Tubi and Amazon Prime Luner lives in Miami, Florida, where he continues to hone his writing, directing, and producing abilities. He hopes his dedication, passion, and love for the craft will prove to be ingredients for a long and successful career. Univisual Productions mission is to deliver great content of quality while creating opportunities for South Florida Talents! 

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