Ciera Payton & Morocco Omari did that! The Wendy Williams movie + lifetime

Talk show host Wendy Williams executive produces the biopic on her life, revealing the highs and lows she has experienced throughout the years. Wendy has made herself the go-to source for great celebrity dish on her hit talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, but recently the spotlight has turned towards her. The authorized project provides a revealing look at Wendy’s journey, from her scrappy upstart days in urban radio to the success of her own syndicated talk show. Despite all the naysayers and obstacles Wendy encountered throughout her life, her strength and determination have allowed her to thrive. Ciera Payton takes on the lead role while Morocco Omari stars as Wendy’s ex-husband Kevin Hunter. Produced by Front Street for Lifetime and executive produced by Wendy Williams, Will Packer and Sheila Ducksworth. Darren Grant directs from a script written by Leigh Davenport and Scarlett Lacey.

Firstly, lets give Ciera Payton and Morocco Omari their digital applause; they did an extraordinary job at telling the story of Wendy. There were so many moments in the film that made us reflect on our lives and think about times when we allowed ourselves to be silenced because of fear. All throughout Wendy’s life she continued to defy the odds against her. This film has given us a greater appreciation for Wendy and her platform.

This year is vital for women. This year we’ve witness a woman of color being sworn into the White House. Women are rising to the occasion and this film further confirmed that truth.

We all must live the truth we tell and Wendy Williams did that!

Morocco Omari and Ciera Payton

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