What’s Your Post-Lockdown Dream Vacation–Who’s Coming?

I never thought in my lifetime, we would see a day where we would be unable to travel or socialize with our loved ones. I am sure no one could have guessed that 2020 would have turned out the way it did, but I’m grateful that we are still here. 

With all the restrictions and lockdowns, travel seems to be top on the list for everyone. So what’s on your post-lockdown travel bucket list and who are you taking along with you? I spoke with some friends and here’s what they said. 

With two young kids and two sets of elderly grandparents, the Year of the Pandemic has been especially difficult for my extended family as we have had to socially distance the kids from their grandparents. My dream vacation will be to take all of them to Walt Disney World in Florida! The kids are at an age where they will not only enjoy the younger attractions and some of the older rides but also Epcot. The oldies will enjoy taking them around and being together as a family again. It will be a “once in a lifetime” opportunity for all three generations of my family to vacation together, someplace extra special and extra exciting. – Leo Young, Optimized Family

I’m a passionate outdoorsy guy – camping, hiking, biking, mountaineering, watersports; anything in the wilderness, and I’m into it. Living in Scotland, I have amazing mountains and lochs, forests, and islands virtually at my doorstep. But my dream is to spend a few weeks trekking in Tibet including the Gama Valley Trek, the Mount Kailash Kora (reputedly the toughest trail), and visiting Lhasa the capital. For any wilderness trekking enthusiast, trekking on the Roof of the World is a dream. I’ll be traveling with like-minded trekking enthusiasts – this is not a trip for amateurs or relaxation seekers! James Black, https://wildernessredefined.com/

I’m planning to take my family to one of the most favorite places on my dream list, New Zealand. One of the reasons to choose New Zealand is because they have the lowest Covid rates. Besides that, I’m addicted to the outdoors, and nature. New Zealand has a lot to offer. It is one of those places that excite the imagination. A land of mystery. You can ski and surf on the same day. Hike on a glacier before sinking into a natural hot pool in the evening, or take a boat through a cave of glow worms before entering the mystical land of Hobbiton for the afternoon. Brian Conghalie, Founder of myopencountry.com

I have always dreamt of visiting Russia in the wintertime. St Petersburg looks like a fairytale, all covered in snow with monumental decorations. I want to experience Russian winter that is probably incomparable to anything else in the world. We do have snow in Denmark, but we are not focused on winter games and festivities, so I’d love to see how Russians do it. I would bring my entire family on this trip and give my kids a chance to enjoy some winter magic. I know Russians celebrate Christmas in January and this is the time when I’d visit the country. Torben, Founder of DiveIn

My wife and I along with my twin brother and his wife are planning a trip to the Bahamas this summer (July 2021). This is a dream vacation as we all love the beach and we were unable to travel this past year due to the pandemic. It’ll be great seeing one another as well as enjoying the beach/tropical weather. Luke Smith, Founder of “We Buy Property In Kentucky”

My dream vacation would be to jet off to an island or tropical resort somewhere without the kids! An all-inclusive spot that I can relax and be waited on while sipping a fruity cocktail and not bothered by screaming children all day. Marissa LaBuz, a motherhood blogger for Just Simply Mom (justsimplymom.com)

Since we didn’t get to travel this year, we’ve decided to set aside the funds we would have spent and take a bigger trip next time (pending). My husband and I have always wanted to visit Scotland. We took a trip, just the two of us to France several years ago, but this time we hope to take our two kids with us as well to give them the cultural experience of another country. Christen Phillips http://www.iseestarsquilting.com

I am a mom of a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old. My husband is a doctor. I run a small business. All of our clients are in tourism & hospitality. I’m utterly exhausted. My dream vacation is a wellness getaway- alone… by myself. I need to hit the refresh button – mentally and physically. Taryn Scher, The Sparkle Boss

In the Fall of 2019, I took a trip to beautiful Ireland for family research. My great-grandfather is from there, and I traveled to Dublin to continue my research at the family research center there. My dream vacation is to return to Ireland. I had planned to return in 2020 before the pandemic struck. My trip has been postponed to a time when it is safe to travel. On this trip, I plan to continue my family research as well as reconnect with friends. I will take my 25-year-old son, which will serve as his college graduation gift. He is interested in exploring and assisting with our family research. Jo Jo Harder

Like most people, the pandemic has led to the development of a sense of depression and being stranded in me. To escape this feeling, I am looking forward to a long, stress-free vacation of a lifetime and for that reason, what better place than Dubai. I love Dubai because of its blend of both modern yet heritage sites in combination with modern calm places as well as super adventurous ones. Since I am mainly going to Dubai to experience adventures such as Sky Diving etc, I am taking my crazy athletic friends who love adventures more than me. We are planning to try dune bashing in jeeps, desert safari, dune buggy, water sports, ziplining, and of course the world-famous X Dubai sky diving. Atta Ur Rehman Content Marketer @ Physicians Thrive

I would take my spouse and go traveling to Ireland. There is nothing like the Irish green! My favorite places to visit would be the Ring of Kerry and Dublin. The first because of its scenery, without a doubt. With lots of places to do craft-shopping and visit wooleries or go horse riding nearby. The second because of its nightlife and great cuisine, the atmosphere in the city and the museums are certainly worth it. Joe Flanagan, Founder of 90s Fashion World

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