Vice President ELect- Kamala harris made history for black women everywhere

Little girl, whatever your dreams are go for it! Something shifted this weekend. It took us a century to get here but we made it! The tears of those enslaved in chains years ago now represent tears of joy as Black Women are promoted to prominent seats.

We ran the house long before they gave us a seat. We taught their children long before they respected us as educated professionals. We ran their affairs long before they acknowledged us —now today we rejoice! This is a major deal black girl! Do you know how many people fought and died for this but are unable to enjoy it? 

Black girl it’s your time! Yes—I say black girl because for too long she’s been marginalized! Black girl it’s your time! We celebrate her accomplishment NOT her beliefs or policies. We celebrate her! Congratulations to Vice President-Elect of The United States Of America Kamala Harris.

Her win, is our win!

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