“À Mon Avis” written & directed by Dafina Gjikolli

“À Mon Avis” (from my perspective) is a self-explanatory project that displays an artist’s point of view on art & life in general. 

This is Dafina Gjikolli’s first collaboration with our magazine. 

A 20-year-old artist from Kosovo, Europe. 

Dafina is a visual artist who creates abstract art out of raw images, her work is a combination of digital art, photography and writing!

“À mon avis” contains a short film & photoshoot. 

Apart from local interviews this is the artist’s first self-appearance in an artistic project. 

The project is also directed & written by herself @dafinagjikolli

This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help of her talented team:

Video production: Lekë Miftari @lekemphoto

Photography: Elion Misini @elionphoto 

Music & recording: Gent Malazogu @6ent_mlzogu

Make-up & hair: Gresa Rexha @gresarexha

Fashion Designer: Nita Bllacaku @nitabllacaku

(Orange dress in collab with artist Leonita Muja @link____link )

Special thanks to: GoParty KS and Annex Bar & lounge.

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