Meet the Skin and Hair Brand ‘Tuffy Oils’ Redefining the perception of Black Hair

Nowadays there are a plethora of organic brands catered for our skin and Hair and at times it constantly feels as if we are spoilt for choice! Tuffyoils is a brand catered for Men and Women of color and describes themselves as ‘the best way to grow your hair fast and organically’. Behind the brand is New York native and young entrepreneur simply known as Joi. She decided to start the brand to reinforce the importance of self-love and to create a tribe for individuals to celebrate their authentic selves. The entrepreneur also strives to dispel negative perceptions of Black Hair. We discuss with the beauty and hair guru about her latest achievements such as featuring on a Facebook panel for business and why she wants to make a difference in the natural hair industry. 

What inspired you to create a hair and beauty brand?

 The motivation behind the brand TuffyOils is from my business partner. He gave me the inspiration to start the brand. TuffyOils are natural oils with the means to increase fast hair development and clear the skin. I want to break that generalization that Black hair doesn’t grow as quickly since I have heard that negative ideology for a while. My clients use TuffyOils and have expressed to me it has made them increasingly value self-love through their hair and that is another motivation on why I’m doing this. Self-love is the best love!

When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in hair and beauty? 

I chose to begin my own credible skin and hair brand for women and men of color. It disappointed me to hear the negative connotations surrounding Black hair and wanted to reinforce the perception Black women and men can have hair that develops at a quick rate! Other than the individuals who do lean towards short hair, who wouldn’t want quick hair development? Also, for individuals to love their authentic selves.

Describe a typical day for you as an entrepreneur? 

An ordinary day as an entrepreneur comprises of me heading off to the mail station and I have a pick up location for TuffyOils in Brooklyn NY, so I’m there each other day. I love being a business visionary as when individuals purchase items and are happy with them that causes me to feel as I’m accomplishing something right.

Growing up were you inspired by anyone in business? 

Truly! For one my step father! Completely different fields but he owned a pet store that makes fish tanks and he is also part of a non-profit organization called 500 men; whose main intention is to make a difference in communities to uplift them! Despite the fact that we are not our hair my fundamental aim with TuffyOils is for the individuals in the community to love themselves through their hair! Particularly since throughout the decades we have been mentally programmed to not do as such!

What are your tips on growing a brand? 

My tips on growing a brand is to utilise as many resources as possible such as using social media. Sponsor your posts on Instagram and post! Somebody is continually observing regardless of whether you think they aren’t. Never give up! It might appear to be hard from the outset however you will get there, being resilient and persistent will pay off in the long run. 

What is your most memorable career highlight?

The most memorable highlight of my career so far is I sat on a panel for Facebook discussing my business. I was approached. I was a panel speaker for the NYC occasion and it was amazing for me to share my story about my brand. Also, being featured in publications is an achievement for me. I am incredibly thankful for opportunities.

What is your least favourite part of your job? 

To be honest I love everything about being an entrepreneur. I’m working for myself; I can’t complain!

Let’s discuss some of your bestsellers, what is your inspiration when it comes to the creating process? 

As of right now our best sellers are the Tuffy Java Oil and Tuffy Paprika Oil. My inspiration when it comes to the creating process is that all oils are made with love!

 How do you want individuals to feel when using your products? 

Customers have told me because of TuffyOils they are more confident in themselves and their hair, that is our main intention, so it’s awesome when the e intentions are met! 

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Interviewed by Lawrencia Nelson

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