Heal-Her 10 Day Challenge & Meditation x Day Two

Heal-Her is a program designed for women ready to walk boldly in their assignments but have been hindered by past hurt. Sometimes it’s not the things we lack but rather the things we are full of that have us bound. Your problem may not be lack; it may be that you’re full of unforgiveness. Your issue may not be loneliness; it may be that you’re full of bitterness.

As I began to release my pain, God showed me how giving up bitterness gave my blessings access to my life.

It’s day two of our 10 day Heal-Her Challenge and our focus today is forgiveness. Forgiveness is like a curse word to some. But it frees you from the pain of the past and positions you for the promise. Even though we want to hold on to the hurt, it cripples us from genuinely embracing our future. Unforgiveness is like being imprisoned for a crime someone else committed. Our lives are mirrored expressions of our internal thoughts. If we obsess over who hurt us, we will never have time to open up to the ideas of a successful future because we are so consumed with bitterness, hatred, and unforgiveness.

One thought on “Heal-Her 10 Day Challenge & Meditation x Day Two

  1. Amen! I love this, because for a long time I struggled with forgiveness but now that I have forgiven and moved past that point in my life, I’ve actually had unlimited joy. And not to mention I feel like I’m living in my purpose, once you get through the pain there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

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