What age can children learn the alphabet?

Dr. Moneshia Dashiell

There are a total of twenty-six letters of the alphabet.

Most children begin recognizing some of the alphabet between the ages of two and three. This is a wonderful thing, because you can start teaching your children about the alphabet when he or she is around the age of two, but do not expect full mastery for some time.

Parent’s are you wondering; how to teach the alphabet to your preschool children? My answer to you is to read, read, and read. Read rhyming books, picture books, and chapter books to them.

Allow your children to notice print in the world around them. Call their attention to exit signs, the cheerios box, and the Oreo cookie box. Another great idea is to allow your children to begint to learn the alphabet is by helping them learn the letters of his or her name. 

Be flexible; You may find that after a few months of letters, your children all of a sudden will begin to recognize every letter of the alphabet. Great! If you choose not to do a letter of the week, your children will still benefit from listening to the many great books that I have authored for them. 

Remember to keep it fun when teaching your children about the alphabet. One way to keep your alphabet learning fun is to include music. They do not need flashcards or loads of worksheets. They need a variety of activities to stimulate their brains and to reach them the way that they learn best.

For most children, alphabet learning begins with listening to stories read to them by their parents. In particular, regular reading helps expand their knowledge, facilitate greater communication skills, and most importantly, it helps your children understand that stories change depending on the text inside the books or iBooks and that the text is made up of letters from the alphabet. From there you can begin reading along with the child and sounding out words to start teaching the alphabet.

Written By: Dr. Moneshia Dashiell, Contributing Writer

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