Entrepreneur Spotlight w/ Lindsey Vertner


International Speaker & Coach Lindsay Vertner

We got the chance to speak with the Queen and here’s what she said.

IAQ Magazine: Lindsey, you are an Amazon best selling author and a transformational speaker. In 2007 you were involved in a very terrible car wreck that rendered you brain dead. How are you here today?

Lindsey: I am here, by the grace of God and my will and determination not to be a victim to my circumstance. It was May 13, 2007, and the last thing I remember is that I was that said goodbye to my mom, grabbed some lunch and then hopped on the highway to head home. I lived about three hours away at the time. And then I woke up and it was complete darkness. I couldn’t see. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t move. I had no clue where I was. It was literally like a scene from a horror movie. The only thing that I could see was the moonlight was shining through a window that I knew wasn’t mine. I eventually fell back asleep and when I woke up it was daytime and there were people in my room who told me what happened. 

IAQ Magazine: You are a walking miracle. Now today you are a speaker. You speak to people all over the world. Many people still don’t understand how to package or market their experience. How were you able to do that?

Lindsey: I always say is that there is a purpose in your pain. However, it is up to you to identify what that purpose is. Otherwise, you’ve suffered for nothing. A lot of times when people meet me they think because I’m so bubbly and happy and positive thinking that I don’t ever go through struggles or obstacles. But I always tell them, no matter who you are, no matter what level you’re at, no matter how much success you have, no matter how much is in your bank account, we all experienced struggles and obstacles. Many times we want to bury our pain and not deal with it. Then we can’t figure out why we’re not walking in our purpose, or why we can’t get rid of the toxic life cycles that we keep repeating, and it’s because we’re running from the pain. There’s purpose in your pain and there are lessons to be learned. There are things to be shared with others that are going to elevate you to that next level.

IAQ Magazine: Lindsey, what do you hope to accomplish in this new decade?

Lindsey: Yes, before I get into that, I do want to make a point because a lot of times people think, oh, I just believe and say affirmations and I have faith in everything will work out. But that’s only one part of the equation. You must have faith and you must put the action behind it. So like in my situation science counted me out, but God said yes. So he saved me. However, I still had to put in the work. I had to go to therapy from sun up to sundown seven days a week, to get back to walking and talking. So while belief is important, action is necessary for the manifestation of the word. 

International Speaker & Coach Lindsey Vertner

I’m excited about this new decade because I’m on a mission to empower a minimum of 10,000 people in 2020. Whether that’s through coaching or speaking, I am on a mission to help women understand that it’s up to you to create your first-class life. When I say first-class life, I’m not talking about how much money you have. I’m talking about the quality of life you create for yourself. So I want to help women, ambitious, busy leaders, that are out there doing their thing, to balance their self care their self worth and their self-discipline, and help them to create that first-class life.

For more about Lindsey Vertner go to: http://www.lindseyvertner.com and  www.bit.ly/pennydate

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