Holiday Rush Stars Selena & Andrea Marie Alphonse Grace The Cover Of I AM QUEEN Magazine

Have you watched Holiday Rush? After his sudden firing, a popular radio DJ (Rush Williams played by Romany Malco), moves in with his aunt, bringing along his four spoiled children and a plan to return to the airwaves. His children Jamal Williams, played by Amarr M. Wooten, Mya Williams, played by Deysha Nelson and twins Evie and Gabby Williams, played by Andrea-Marie and Selena-Marie Alphonse.

Holiday Rush is going to be on the list of the Holiday must-watch movies every year. We caught up with actors Andrea and Selena Marie Alphonse.

IAQ: You girls did such an amazing job playing Gabby and Evie Williams on Holiday Rush. What was it like acting alongside all of those amazing actors?

Andrea-Marie: It was really fun meeting all those people and casting with them. I liked working with them, and they were nice. It was really fun.

IAQ: You girls have some skin in the game. You have acted in Madam Secretary and Snugs House. Do you think that acting is something you’re going to continue to pursue as you get older?

Andrea-Marie: Yes, I love acting. Acting is so fun because I get to see myself on TV.

Selena-Marie: I think I’ll continue acting because I love it and it’s fun!

IAQ: Acting can be a tough job. What advice would you give to a child your age who wants to become an actor?

Selena-Marie: I would tell them never to give up and to follow their dreams.

Andrea-Marie: I’d like to say that you can follow your dreams.

IAQ: What is the number one thing you shouldn’t do at an audition?

Selena-Marie: Never be afraid.

Andrea-Marie: When you’re at an audition, look over your scripts and take it in, but don’t look too long. Memorize it and be yourself.

Andrea and Selena are actors on the rise. Please keep your eyes on them as they continue to dazzle us with their skills and smiles.

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