Woman On The Rise w/ Carine MONGOUE

Carine MONGOUE, An African builder.

Born KAMTCHUWE MONGOUE Carine Nina, this lady is a model of success for Cameroonian youth in particular and a model for African youth. Starting from nothing, she created her empire, which extends to several African and European countries in the world of cosmetics. She has an excellent academic background, after obtaining her diploma in accounting and finance in 2009, she will do work in a financial institution then she will stop to follow her vocation. She will go to train abroad in the fields of cosmetology.

On her return, she will open her first beauty salon, which will be in high demand, then she will create her many multiple ranges of products intended for different customers. Years later, she will create a higher education institute to train African youth. To date, her empire is diversifying; fashion, beauty , professional training, and more to help women around the world.

Today this woman is a leader and a real builder of Africa. She employs many young people around the world. She does not forget her role as a mother despite her many occupations. Carine is an example for women.

Written by: Faustine Ange, African Contributing Writer

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