Christina Millian & Leona Lewis Couldn’t Keep Their Secrets Away From Us

This weekend has been filled with rainbows and I’m not talking about the LGBT community. The rainbow was God’s promise that he would never destroy the earth as he did during the days of Noah. It’s a sign of promise, hope, and prosperity.

This weekend Leona Lewis married her sweetheart Dennis Janch in one of the most romantic places on earth- Italy; according to Celebrity Secrets Mag.


Christina Millian also brought life to our Instagram feed, literally, by releasing that she and Matt Pokora are expecting a baby in 2020.


These two women experienced two of life’s greatest blessings; love and life. While we celebrate with both Queens, this weekend prophetically reveals that the promises God has for you are about to be released. Sometimes rainy days can cause you to lose hope of receiving the promises of God because it rained so long. I understand. It’s so much easier to believe that this is all you’ll ever be because believing hurts especially when there is an expectation of failure.

Our struggles were never designed to make us bitter, they were designed to make us better. I have learned that the greatest wisdom is always received during the worst times of our lives and while it may not look like things are about to get better in your life; I want to prophesy that today is a new day for you. Old things have passed away and behold ALL things have been made new!

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