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I have a heart and passion for people and they’re well being.  I love empowering and helping others, understand who & whos they are.  I believe in educating and encouraging people to reach their FULL Potential.  As a Queen, I am mandated to lead and uplift others by being an example in word and deed. I AM QUEEN! – Teja Tamika Campbell

Proverbs 31 speaks of a woman who is entrepreneurial, philanthropic and she is esteemed by her family. She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy. She is the woman, the wife, and mother many of us desire to be. Tamika Campbell continues to exhibit these characteristics and it is for this reason she was chosen as our cover queen.



Tamika Campbell C.E.O D.O.V.S. Enterprise



Who is Tamika Campbell?

Teja Tamika (nicked named Tammy) born March 24, 1980, to Nelson & Marlene Brown.  

Tamika is the C.E.O of D.O.V.S ENTERPRISE (Delivering Outstanding Value & Service).  D.O.V.S is a service-oriented company that hosts events and thrives on meeting the needs of their clients.  Tamika has always had a passion for people and fully enjoys empowering, and impacting the lives of every person she comes in contact with. 

Tamika has hosted Empowerment Conferences and Services, Blue Velvet (A Entrepreneur Forum for New Business Owners) and, Blue Connection (Entrepreneur Trade Fair).  Tamika also founded The Geraldine Victoria Award of Appreciation, which recognizes people that go above and beyond in their communities.

In 2000, Tamika became a Certified Saber Travel Agent. She is certified in Office System & Administration and was inducted in the Technical Honors Society. She has also obtained certificates as a Marriott Specialist, Carnival & Royal Caribbean Cruise line Specialist, Bahama Host, Core Principals of Leadership, Building Small Business, Customer Service, Leading and Motivating Teams and Business Institute Summit. 

Tamika is married to her high school sweetheart Shayne Campbell and they have three children.

Tamika’s dedication to the Lord and others led Katherine Beneby II to rename her ‘Heart’. “I AM HEART because I have a love and passion for people” – Tamika Campbell.

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