Kel-li Cole: Mother, Minister & Cover QUEEN!!!

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Kel-li Cole is a writer, life coach, minister, actress, teacher, public speaker, beautician, nurse, entrepreneur and a mother to one handsome, anointed and talented son named Siyah Cole.

Kel-li Cole was raised and resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  She is a member of the Better Life Church in Newark, NJ under the leadership of the beloved pastor, Ameer Natson. She is the CEO of Guideline Girls, a company geared towards changing the outlook on your current circumstances, speaking what you want to manifest in all areas of your life and providing resources in areas of health, finance, business, relationships, and spiritual connectivity.

Kel-li has mentored many young people and adults throughout the years. At the age of 14, she was given her own column in a newsletter for Meyers Recreational Center in Southwest Philadelphia. Her column was published every Thursday and she wrote about topics such as virginity, drugs, and violence. The young people at the center even voted her Most Opinionated and Mostly Likely to Challenge Management due to eloquent speech and valid points on many hard-hitting issues. Kel-li’s column was very popular and critically acclaimed amongst the youth in that neighborhood.

Kel-li currently mentors successful business owners as well as aspiring entrepreneurs on how to make their dreams a reality. Kel-li takes theoretical portions of scripture to assist with practical applications of her clients’ daily lives. Kel-li has helped to start and restore relationships and has also helped to rebuild a healthy family structure in the lives of the individuals she has counseled. Kel-li shares her God-given, wisdom through her book, ‘He Can Be Faithful’.

When this beautiful and multifaceted boss lady has free time, she loves to indulge in fine dining, fashion, and travel. She also enjoys sharing laughs with her friends, going on adventures with her son, watching movies, entertaining televisions shows and listening to music. 


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