Happiness, Holidays & Hold up “I’m still SINGLE”

Most of us dream of the day your king gets down on one knee with the most beautiful ring your eyes have ever seen as he asks those four powerful words “ Will You MARRY ME”. Standing in shock with tears of joy flowing rapidly down your face as you scream YES!

What a beautiful dream right? Well for some of us that’s not our reality this holiday season. A few of you might be saying well I have someone so that makes me taken. 

No, my dear, it makes you committed to the person you’re dating and that can be a beautiful thing but what happens when one person wants an official commitment more than the other? “Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh” Thanks for singing along! 

On a more serious note, what do you do? I have actually asked this question to quite a few ladies committed to dating and the number one answer remains the same “He’s not ready”. The funny thing is around “The most wonderful time of the year” it seems to be an increase of engagements surrounding you from the couples who you least expected, your socially connected community on Instagram and in celebrity news. 

For some, this can give us the holiday blues and feel a little as though our love have been dismissed. Here are few tips to keep you in the holiday spirit and know that your ring finger will not always remain bare.


1. Reminder: Christmas is about giving as Thanksgiving is to being thankful.

2. This time should be spent on things that are going right and not what’s going wrong.

3. Be around your loved ones, whether you believe it or not they do love you back💜

4. Enjoy some holiday treats ( Ok maybe that one was for me)

5. Although you’re in a committed relationship it’s time to upgrade to an UNDERSTANDINGSHIP. Talk to your honey (remember NOT TO TALK AT HIM) about your relationship goals. Keeping in mind not comparing to what other couples have.

6. Last but not least if you don’t get the ring request the most lavish Christmas

gift🎁ever. That should hold you off until it’s your time to shine.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Written By: Que Johnson
Instagram @iamquejohnson

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