Single For The Holidays? Here Are The Top 10 Reasons To Enjoy Your Holiday Status!

Ladies and gentleman: cuffing season is officially in full effect. As the weather outside is frightful; more singles are joining together in holy cuffing matrimony. It seems that everyone is in a joint effort to be able to actually use the mistletoe besides one person.. you!  (and me too; I’ve been single for 4 years while my 16-year-old sister has a boyfriend!)

The single life can be an uncomfortable situation when one is feeling the constant pressure of trying to find their significant other in a matter of two seconds. I remember growing up that I believed something was wrong with me because no one wanted to go out with me anywhere! During the holiday seasons, I would go into the funky blues because I didn’t want to look like a loner! As I get older, I am beginning to realize that being in a constant frenzy to be magically cuffed during the holidays is overrated!


As a single person, I can see the positives with not having a significant other at this point in my life; holidays included! Being single during the holidays is actually an advantage to you my kings and queens! Can you imagine all that can be accomplished by the new year? The ideas are limitless. As the saying goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. Rather in a relationship or single; the holidays are a joyous time of the year to celebrate love, life, and great parties! Don’t let your single status put you in a ‘ Ba Humbug’! Here are the top ten reasons why your single status is favored for the holidays:

  1. You can go to all the holiday parties and flirt with all the available singles!
  2. You can eat as much as you want without judgment or worry about your significant other looking at you eating your third piece of sweet potato pie!
  3. You can create your own traditions catered to your interest. Go to the Christmas bar with your friends or the winter town play; the choices are endless!
  4. You don’t have to split time between your family and your partners family.
  5. If you don’t feel like visiting your family; take a solo trip! No strings attached!
  6. You want to watch Christmas movies all day and blast the traditionally Mariah Carey Christmas album all night? Do you boo!
  7. You can go to as many dates as you want! There are so many singles that are available for the holidays! Why not entertain yourself and have fun. Santa won’t judge you if you’re being a ho-ho-ho!
  8. You want to catch up with your siblings and cousins? You can do it without the pressure to host your partner!
  9. Speaking of hosting; host your own holiday party! Invite your hometown friends, and tell them to bring their guest! You never know who you’ll meet. Don’t forget to have the space decked out in mistletoes.
  10. You can self-reflect your year with a clear mind. The winter makes our bodies slow down and I ‘hibernate’ in a way. Take this time to stay still, heal, workout and create plans to conquer for the next year!



The holidays are not to be centered around the constant need to show your family and friends that you have a partner to solidify the idea that you are a hot commodity. This is the time to take advantage of your single status. Be selfish, be free and eat the extra food! It’s time to treat yourself, you deserve it.

Warmest regards,

A growing and glowing millennial: Shayna Lavàughn


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