Feeling, Free, Free, Free

Feeling, free, free, free! (A play off of Arrow’s Hot, Hot, Hot) Pitbull and Theron Theron, Norwegian’s Cruise Line new theme song I expected to be playing as I entered the ship. Despite the fact that it was not audible to others it kept ringing in my ear the whole visit. 

Being on a ship is a great feeling! If you have never experienced a cruise or have not been on a cruise in a while you should make it a point experience Norwegian’s Getaway! What an experience!  We were only on for a day visit but I felt like I was going on vacation. Norwegian allowed us to enjoy most of the ship’s amenities like we were going on a cruise. What a superior feeling! 

It amazes me of how this huge vessel operates like a state of its’ own. 

Norwegian Getaway lives up to the name getaway. From the moment you get on the ship, you feel as if you are in another world. And it definitely left us day visitors a feeling of wanting to get away and be free.

The Aqua Park was a breathtaking site with its Free Fall slide; which they say is the fastest waterslides at sea. The multi-level Sports Complex with its’ splendid basketball court was a pleasant site to see for the basketball players in the family.   According to Getaway’s website, they have an activity called The Plank, which extends 8 feet over the side of the ship.  After asking a couple people we were told that there was no plank on this ship; however, I was later informed by the media staff that this was incorrect there was indeed a plank on the ship.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see it which was disappointing.   

Nevertheless, we were able to enjoy some to the best lunch the ship had to offer. With a wide array of culinary pleasures, we started with salads, soups, and tasted a variety of dishes. Needless to say, with a ‘help yourself buffet’ we went a little overboard.

After lunch, sitting poolside, enjoying the sun along with the smooth sound of the Caribbean band, it felt like paradise.  The pulsating sounds of Bob Marley and other reggae artist ringing through the air inviting everyone to the Caribbean. What a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!  Next time Norwegian we will sail with you and feel free, free, free!

Written By: Dr. Mary

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