Purpose Made Her Do …. What?!?

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Described as a “purpose agent by calling”, Katherine Coakley Rolle’s life is the epitome of what a purpose pursuit entails. Hailing from the island of New Providence, Bahamas, Katherine is free-spirited island gal who devoted herself to full time ministry at the tender age of 22, leaving behind a rewarding career as a Human Resource Specialist in offshore banking. Now 25, Katherine is a successful preacher, speaker, teacher, life and business coach, philanthropist and organizational leader who is making strides in her home country and setting the tone of purpose on the world stage. Presently, she is the CEO and President of ‘Purpose Made Me Do It’ which is a faith-based organization designed to equip individuals with the tools to discover their purpose while perfecting the mandate of building communities and empowering individuals to become. In a sit-down interview with the corporate professional turned preacher at a local Outback Steakhouse, she takes us on a tour of her life and gives us helpful nuggets to discover and effectively walk in our own identity, authenticity and purpose. Dive in below!

Destiny: Hello Katherine! I Am Queen Magazine is indeed honored to conduct a candid sit-down interview with you regarding your purpose and how the pursuit of it all began. Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Katherine: Thank you, Destiny! I am humbled to share my truth. Well, my name is Katherine Alexandra Coakley Rolle. I was born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas and I am the eldest of five siblings. A few cool facts about me are: I’m a pescatarian, I love ice cream although it’s not good for me, I love to travel, memes are my thing because I love to laugh and I live by the motto of authenticity.

Destiny: ​That’s so cool! It shows a great balance of work and play in your life. As far as work is concerned, ​Can you give us a general overview of the ministries and mantles attached to your God-given purpose?

Katherine: For starters, I’m a preacher, teacher and speaker. I separate them because depending on the environment, they change. My ministry is to bring people into the awareness of their truth, the awareness of themselves and the awareness of their purpose. I am a business professional, which happens to also be an aspect of my ministry. Typically, business isn’t viewed in that light because it was designed to enable profit, but the truth is, we are all working to produce something from the heart. My organization, Purpose Made Me Do It, is an umbrella of different things that encompass speaking, teaching, training and cultivating leaders. Yahweh has placed a great desire and burden in me for women. I want to equip them to walk in the fullness of all that Yahweh has called them to. But the Katherine Brand or ministry itself, is to empower people through the word of Yahweh, through my life and the revelation and wisdom he has given me that can be used in all facets of life.

Destiny:​ You spent a great deal of time as a professional in the corporate arena which I am almost certain brought great benefits and rewards. What made you transition out of it?

Katherine: Purpose. Purpose found me. Many people believe that purpose is something that you search for but I believe that purpose is something that discovers you. I believe that purpose works with time, allowing us the freedom to do life our way until that set time arises. From a biblical perspective, you would see that Samuel went looking for David when it was time for purpose to erect. In my case, purpose sought me out the same way. My dream was always to be a girl boss in the corporate arena and that was my idea of success- pant suits, corner offices, BMWs, and flights to Switzerland. This is what success looked like to me seeing that I was exposed to a world that made it possible and I felt like I had made it until the Holy Spirit disrupted and invaded every plan I had for a greater good and a greater purpose. I always tell people “your plan is inferior to his will” and because I serve someone so great, I submitted to his will.

Destiny:​ Wow! What are some of the projects that were birthed as a result of such a courageous decision to transition into purpose?

Katherine: Purpose Made Me Do It which is a non profit organization in The Bahamas which is also recognized internationally is pretty much the foundation that every project is built on. Our portfolio consists of schools tours, speaking engagements, and business trainings where we assist employees with finding their purpose in someone’s vision. We brought forth Project Gideon which was a mission birthed to staunch homelessness in impoverished communities in Nassau, Bahamas and from it we fed, clothed, ministered to over 1500 people. We also completed an outreach initiative for young girls ages 9-15 called “Girl Bosses” which is an annual party whereas we encourage young girls to walk in their greatness. Many of them are battered and broken from rape, molestation, etc and I wanted to create a safe space for them to be inspired and empowered and to become bigger and bossier than the obstacles they face. Often times, girl bosses are defined as entrepreneurs, when really, a girl boss is simply a woman in authority and you can only walk in your authority if you are walking in your authenticity. It is my desire to raise a generation of strong and authentic women, so I decided to put my hand in the works. Hence, Girl Bosses was birthed.

Destiny: ​That is amazing, Kat! Truthfully speaking, all of that you just described represents a great deal of fearlessness. From leaving your corporate job and operating in full time ministry at the age of 22, that is simply unheard of. What would you say is the remedy for fear regarding purpose?

Katherine: If there is a cure, I would say relationship. Relationship with Yahweh. If you likened it to a physical relationship, you would then see where a relationship fosters security. Although, I didn’t always walk in this level of courage and boldness, the more I dug into who Yahweh is and what I meant to him, it unveiled his love in my life. So, it became easier to flow in him and move with him, trust him and obey him. His word shows us that in the beginning he gave us dominion. That dominion represented courage, management and authority. It wasn’t given for us to become slave masters but for us to simply take authority of who we are. I believe that because many of us have yet to step into identity there is still a great level of fear present because we are operating by what we see and not according to who we are. Within my life and within my blood is the DNA of him (Yahweh) so whatever he does, I can then do. I am empowered by what’s in me and what flows through me. So, the more I understood the revelation of him being my father and him being my everything, I became more comfortable. I know that he has my back if I stutter, stumble or make mistakes because we have a relationship therefore his grace will cover me.So in essence, the cure for fear is relationship.

Destiny: Last year, you launched The Authentic Woman Conference in which you equipped women to pursue purpose from a place of wholeness and to pursue wholeness from a place of authenticity. This year, your team along with yourself is planning to host the conference again. What can you tell us about The Authentic Woman 2018 and can you also express the importance of authenticity in purpose?

Katherine: ​In researching for The Authentic Woman Conference last year, I had found out that the root word of authentic is author which means that you can only be authentic if you know your author and which also means that your story has no premise until you know who is writing it. Identity enables you to walk in authenticity. I am able to live my purpose out loud because I know the author, I’ve become familiarized with his track record in my life and all of that enables me to walk authentically. The Authentic Woman 2018 is going to be bananas! My conference is is a weapon. We don’t discuss, we exchange; and that in itself is a phenomenon because too many times when women come together, it is for gossip. But The Authentic Woman is a bloody conference because it is a birthing conference. It is the birthing of truth. This year attendees can expect wholistic training. I don’t just want to empower, I want to train because empowerment motivates you to do more but training equips you to sustain what you’ve earned. The conference is still in the planning phase but attendees can expect sessions surrounding beauty, fitness, business, wholeness etc by industry giants in the respective arenas. The conference is set for November 2018 and will be hosted in Nassau, Bahamas. Be sure to follow our social medias for updates.

Destiny: ​We certainly are looking forward to attending The Authentic Woman 2018 conference. Hopefully, I Am Queen Magazine will be invited to cover the event for our readers *wink wink*. Katherine, it certainly was wonderful interviewing you. You have such a wealth of wisdom and knowledge. Are there any closing thoughts you’d like to leave with us?

Katherine: ​Yes, Don’t be afraid to become everything you’re afraid of. We are our own greatest resource when belief in Yahweh becomes the source. Don’t be afraid to be the template for someone else. It’s difficult being a pioneer, but if you don’t want to be last, be first! Always remember that failure is not defined by never achieving, failure lies in never pursuing. Be sure to BECOME.

Destiny: ​Powerful! That placed the icing on the cake! Thank you, Kat!

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